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What are your sustainability goals? 

Morrisette Packaging knows that responsible and sustainable packaging is based on proper stewardship of our environment, conscientious solutions, and an eye on the future.

Whatever your sustainability goals may be, we can help.

Our Sustainable Packaging options are designed with Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in mind. Sustainable custom packaging can reduce your carbon footprint through recyclable and recycled packaging materials.

We remain material neutral. That means we keep your sustainability goals in mind as we source materials to brand and protect your product, your profits, and the planet.

Table of Contents:

Types of Sustainable Packaging

Though there are a wide variety of items that can be considered to be sustainable packaging, we at Morrisette carry a specific stock. Below is a list of some of our sustainable packaging.

Eco Mailer

If you have a product that is compact enough to fit into a mailer, then we have a sustainable product that you may love. Our eco mailer is a 100% curbside recyclable padded package that is small in size, but very versatile. To learn more about mailers check out our blog about them.


If you’re looking for protective bubble film then look no further than our Renew film. It’s made of recycled materials and can be used in many different circumstances. It also makes use of less material overall when compared to a non-recyclable product. Our Renew film fits right in with products that want to leave a smaller impact on the environment.

Greenline Paper

When it comes to filling in the space between a package and the product within, there are environmentally friendly options to choose from to fill that space. One such option that we make use of is Greenline Paper. This option is made from 100% recycled paper which comes from post-consumer waste. It’s curbside recyclable and biodegradable. Overall, this paper keeps your products safe and helps the planet.

Cold Chain

When something that is temperature sensitive needs to be shipped somewhere, many people will turn to cold chain solutions to do so. Many of these solutions make use of harmful materials like Styrofoam. As time has passed though, many new options for eco-friendly temperature-controlled packaging have risen. Some of the materials we use at Morrisette are fiber liners, and biodegradable, compostable liners which are made from corn.

What Makes A Package Sustainable?

Though it may seem like everyone is calling their packaging sustainable nowadays, there are a few clear indicators that a package is actually sustainable. The key factors that make a package sustainable are its recyclability, the materials it’s made out of, and the amount of material needed to create it. Once one gains an understanding of these three factors, you can tell what is sustainable.


When something is recyclable it simply means that its materials can be broken down and reused to make something else. A package may only be recycled if it’s made out of specific materials and if it is brought to the right place to be recycled. Many of the items we listed earlier are curbside recyclable, meaning they can be put out at your curb for your local waste disposal professional to deal with and they will be recycled properly, leaving a consumer out of the burden of needing to separate their garbage. If a package is recyclable, it’s already a very sustainable option when compared to other packages.


Of course, there are some materials that are more recyclable and sustainable than others. Paper, cardboard, glass, some metals, and certain plastic materials can be recycled, while things like Styrofoam cannot be. If your packaging is made up of recyclable and reusable materials like the prior list, then it is definitely more sustainable than packages that are not. If you choose the right material for your packaging then it can be both sustainable and strong. Making use of more eco-friendly materials, even if they don’t wind up being recycled, will still be better in the long run.

Amount of Material

The last thing you need to consider is the amount of material being used per package. Even if you wind up using materials that are recyclable, you still should opt to use as little of those materials as possible to make sure they don’t wind up in landfills or are just generally wasted. Keeping the amount of materials you use per package to a minimum is less wasteful and less harmful to the planet, while also being less harmful to your profit. There’s no need to waste money on excess material that you don’t need.

Can They Be Customized To Fit My Brand?

At Morrisette Packaging, we thrive on our ability to create custom packaging for any brand. We also have a commitment to being eco-friendly where we can be. Even though many different kinds of packaging can fall under the sustainable packaging umbrella, we can customize the vast majority of them. With an expert team of designers, we are committed to making sure your packaging meets your standards and shows off your branding. If you want customizable and sustainable packaging, then we should be your first call.

Industries Served

With sustainable packaging being a general term that can apply to all kinds of different types of packaging, it’s safe to say that we have sold sustainable packaging to all kinds of industries. We work closely with a number of different industries. We’ve worked with the agricultural industry, the food and beverage industry, the health and beauty industry, and even in the industrial and medical industries. Sustainable packaging can more or less be worked into any of these industries and many others when needed.

Hands cradling sustainable packaging materials.

Order Stock or Custom Designed Sustainable Packaging Today!

We at Morrisette can help you find sustainable packaging that meets your needs and the needs of your products. With a wide variety of stock packaging and a team of designers ready to help you customize your own, we can supply any company with the sustainable packaging they want. If your company needs stock or custom sustainable packaging, contact us. You won’t be disappointed with our products. Contact us now and we’ll help you create packaging that you will love.

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