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From Design To Delivery
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How We Collaborate

Your vision is at the forefront of everything we do. Our commitment to bringing your products to life through exceptional custom packaging design is unmatched. From Design to Delivery, we immerse ourselves in your world, understanding your unique requirements, processes, and objectives. Our expertise isn’t limited to crafting bespoke packaging solutions (although we do that pretty well); we also excel in optimizing your supply chain with the latest in automation technology. Together, we’ll explore new avenues for your success, ensuring that every decision we make is informed by what’s best for your product and brand. With Morrisette Packaging, you benefit from a partner that is material-neutral, leveraging an extensive network to find the perfect materials for your project. Reach out to us today for a friendly, obligation-free packaging consultation, and let us help unbox your packaging potential.


  1. Connecting

    There’s no up-front cost to engage our services. Whether it’s custom packaging design, sustainable packaging needs, or the desire to reduce material costs, we are ready to assist. At Morrisette Packaging, we are your partner in the packaging process – from design to delivery.

  2. Analyzing

    We do the heavy lifting for you upfront. Our unique program, the Morrisette Packing Review (MPR), helps you understand your company’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which allows you to control costs across your entire supply chain by assembling the right team of experts that will effectively evaluate and diagnose your processes and reduce TCO.

  3. Designing

    This is where the real fun starts. Once our skilled team has completed the audit, the design phase begins. We work with you directly to create custom packaging and supply chain solutions. Collaborating as partners, we ensure your team is involved in the approval and implementation steps so that you can seamlessly integrate your customized solutions into your operation.

  4. Implementing

    Now we get to see our hard work in action. Once your team has signed off on the design solutions, our team turns to our extensive network of providers, in-house experts, and best-in-class technicians to ensure that your tailored solutions are implemented accurately and within a timeframe that works best for you.

  5. Maintaining

    At Morrisette Packaging, we love it when a plan comes together. However, we recognize that a project isn’t complete as soon as your solutions have been implemented; that’s why our team remains a constant partner by turning our focus to reviewing the ongoing results of what we built together. We make recommendations along the way that will save you money and guarantee that your new solutions remain efficient over time – your success is our success, too!

  6. Start Your Journey

How We Create Solutions

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    At Morrisette Packaging, we exist to build a uniquely collaborative culture that shapes the future of packaging, and we want to include you in it. So we work through every step with you to create a thoughtfully designed solution that extends your brand beyond the product and into the packaging.

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    Kitting & Fulfillment

    You should be in control when it comes to your supply chain. Our team is confident we can get you there by finding transparency and true cost in your packaging process. We keep things on track through kit creation, in-house fulfillment, and just-in-time delivery.

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    We believe every process can be improved upon. So our team works with you to increase productivity, improve quality, reduce material costs, and reduce labor spend. From project scope to performance testing – we’re here to assist.

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  • Products & Supplies

    We believe in a material neutral approach. We work with all types of packaging, from corrugated to flexible packaging – to ensure your operation benefits from the most cost-effective solutions.

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