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Packaging Products

Packaging Products

Discover The Perfect Packaging For Your Product

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Our Products At A Glance

At Morrisette Packaging, we have the expertise and packaging products to ensure your operation benefits from the most cost-effective solutions. Our material neutral approach means we work with all types of packaging, from corrugated to flexible packaging, and our offerings cover the gamut. You name it; we can provide it.


Protective Packaging

Your products are worth protecting. Sometimes that means thinking inside the box. Our various protective packaging products help you ship faster with less material at a lower cost. From cushioning to void fill to surface protection – we design the most effective form of protection for your product.

We offer different types and materials, including air, foam, paper/corrugated, and film solutions.

Our protective packaging features renewable substrates, an electronic delivery system, work cell solutions, in-line automation, customizable configurations, cohesive capabilities, and anti-static properties.

The benefits include void fill to close free space and absorb shock, blocking/bracing to lock your product in place and cushion it during transit, surface protection to prevent minor surface abrasions, and wrapping to encapsulate your delicate goods.


Flexible Packaging

Sometimes, when looking to be innovative, you need to be flexible. And sometimes, that means your packaging must also be flexible. Our effective option is perfect for products unsuitable for a box or palletization. We offer a variety of choices, including poly bags and sheeting, industrial films, and bags to fit your needs.

Our extensive styles include stand-up pouches, shrink film, resealable bags, poly bags, and lidding film.


Food Packaging

At Morrisette Packaging we understand the complexities of food packaging. We understand your need to deliver safely to the final shipping destination and are here to help. Our team has the products and equipment to collaborate with you to package your perishable goods.

Our food packaging styles include stand-up pouches, poly bags, lidding film, rollstock, meat packaging, and other food service packaging.

We have a specific equipment program for food packaging applications to ensure quicker speed to market while protecting your products along the way, including automated bagging, tabletop sealers, flow wrappers, form fill & seal, labeling & coding, and vacuum sealing.


Corrugated Packaging

Your packaging is often a customer’s first authentic experience with your brand. And what first comes to mind when most people think about packaging? The corrugated box. Our experts have endless experience analyzing, designing, and delivering the most optimal corrugated solution for you.

Whether you need corrugated stock packaging with standard specs, sizes, flutes, and board strengths or custom corrugated packaging explicitly made to fit your product and tell your story – we’ll evaluate your current system and create an application for you.

Our team and partners have industry-leading capabilities in corrugated packaging, including fluting, walling, rotary & flat-bed die cutting, specialty coatings, gluing & stitching, and various printing methods.


Stretch Film

A properly wrapped pallet protects your product and, more importantly, your brand. Our load containment experts evaluate your palletizing process and can advise on efficiency, effectiveness and procedures. They don’t just focus on the film but on the uniqueness of every application to help you achieve successful load containment.

Part of our process is automation—the not-so-hidden costs of applying stretch film by hand start to add up. Our semi-automatic and fully automatic machines allow you to wrap products quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Our products include blown film, which allows for superior load-holding capacity, high cling, puncture & tear resistance, and cast film with excellent load retaining capabilities, exceptional film clarity, single and double-sided cling options, multi-layered versions, and thinner gauge films with improved performance.


Temperature Control & Cold Chain Packaging

Controlling temperature is critical to protecting your temperature-sensitive products during transit. We get cold chain. Our extensive offering includes URAC accredited products with testing data to back it all up.

Our cold chain packaging features sustainable and reliable alternatives to foam coolers. Our materials include biodegradable recycled fiber box liners & mailers, and EPS molded foam coolers, reflective foil liners, and gel packs.


E-Commerce Packaging

E-Commerce is a crucial part of how you do business. From startups to large corporations, we understand that selling your products online and streamlining the process should be straightforward. At Morrisette Packaging, we want to handle everything from the layout of graphics and design to the finished product ready to be unboxed.

Our e-commerce team understands the impact of dim weight and freight charges. We can help right-size your box to save you money and resources. We also understand that products occasionally need to be replaced. Our process will help you reduce product damage by offering the most secure packaging for your cargo.

Our packaging product line will offer you the best solutions and create value in the eyes of your customers, securing their business for life. Let us guide you to the right solution for your e-commerce business.



Mailers are the perfect alternative to the traditional box for packaging solutions. These products help to reduce shipping costs and can be customized to provide the proper protection while still showing off your brand.

Our product line includes materials and styles such as kraft bubble-lined mailers, unlined poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, printed & recycled poly mailers, and insulated recycled fiber.


Tapes & Adhesives

There’s more to tape than might meet the eye. It seems like a simple choice, but factors such as adhesive properties and temperature requirements make choosing the right tape for your application a critical step in the packaging process. Morrisette Packaging offers a variety of packaging tapes, made right here in the USA, for securing your products inside the box.

As your packaging partner, we’ll evaluate your taping process to determine the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Aside from traditional tape, we also offer a performance-driven selection of sealers and erectors – no matter the need, we’re on it.

Our materials and types of adhesives range from carton sealing (hot melt, acrylic, natural rubber, water activated), specialty (double-coated, masking, filament/strapping, duct, flatback, foil, transfer tape), case equipment (semi-automatic case sealer, automatic case sealer, case erector, water-activated tape dispenser), and glue (hot melt, water-based, cold glue, spray glue, pressure sensitive).



Our packaging team is skilled at evaluating all strapping processes from steel to polyester. In addition, we can provide hands-on training for your team to get your organization up to speed on installing and using new strapping equipment that will automate your strapping process and increase efficiency.

Strapping requires specific tools for proper tensioning, sealing, and cutting. Our team will help you understand the hand tools and automated equipment needed to complete the job.

Our materials used for strapping systems solutions include steel, polyester, and polypropylene. Steel is corrosion and UV resistant and has extreme break strength and rigidity. Polyester is also corrosion resistant as well as recyclable. This solution offers ease of handling and reduces the risk of injury. Finally, polypropylene can include custom printing – for light and heavy applications; this is our most economical solution, and features controlled elongation and XL coils.

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