Our People

Successful People Lead to a Successful Business

At Morrisette, we strongly believe that the success of our business depends on the success of our people. We strive to create working environments where our employees feel valued, can work to their full potential, and where their achievements are celebrated. We are creating an exciting future for Morrisette that is built around the values of teamwork, integrity, community, and creativity.

More generally, we recognize that our employees hold commitments away from the workplace, so we aim to ensure our workforce can effectively balance home life with their careers. We also intend to attract a diverse employee base with a wide variety of experience, qualifications, background, and individual characteristics.

“We are committed to attracting and retaining the most talented individuals and to the provision of challenging and rewarding careers.”

Bill Morrisette, CEO


Developing Talent for the Future

We employ people who recognize the importance of delivering quality products and service and who share our drive for innovation. By challenging and rewarding in equal measure, we are able to attract and retain the most talented individuals in the business. As a constantly evolving company, opportunities arise across all functions and areas of the business, in many countries across the globe.

Ours is a rapid and complex industry; our workplaces are high-energy, focused environments, with exciting opportunities for the right people. We encourage employees to develop new ideas, new approaches, and new abilities; we invest in the personal growth and professional development of everyone who works for us. These are some of the ways Morrisette attracts and retains the best in the business.

Training and development programs

From technical training to professional education and leadership development, Morrisette offers training and development to all employees. Our strategy is to help people reach their full potential so we can ensure our workforce is sustainable to grow with our business.

Morrisette partners with leading external suppliers to develop a series of programs ranging from strategic leadership development, management training, including mentoring and teambuilding, and technical training. We believe that only the best and brightest people can offer our clients the best solutions and make this clear through our training and development programs. Ongoing training opportunities is just one of the many ways we put this to practice.

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