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Sustainable Packaging

Packaging That Protects Your Product, Profits And The Planet

The Process Then the Product

Morrisette Packaging provides sustainable packaging solutions, championing a material-neutral philosophy that underscores the significance of the packaging process over the material itself. This innovative approach recognizes that true sustainability transcends the confines of material selection, focusing instead on the holistic impact of packaging on our environment.

If you know what your sustainability goals are and need help getting to where you want to go with your sustainable packaging, Contact Us today for a free packaging consultation.

Recycled and Recyclable Content

At Morrisette Packaging, no matter your application, we can align your vision with sustainable packaging options that work best for you, including recyclable, compostable, and post-consumer recycled packaging content (PCR).

Material Neutral

We are material-neutral. We source materials that provide the best solution for your application, regardless of which material you need. We aim to deliver solutions that fit your business and sustainability initiatives. We evaluate your process, understand your sustainability vision, and design packaging that helps move them both in the right direction.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

We help you explore sustainable packaging options from a material-neutral and sustainability perspective. Through right-sizing boxes, working with multiple mediums of sustainable packaging materials, designing to reduce damages during shipment, and increasing the efficiency of your shipping process, we can help position you for a better bottom line and a reduction in your carbon footprint.


Trent Elder

Trent Elder is Morrisette Packaging’s Sustainability Manager. Trent’s dedication to a sustainable future is very personal.

A native of Denver, CO, Trent is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys skiing, hiking, backpacking, white-water rafting and mountaineering.

Trent spent three weeks mountaineering on a glacier in Alaska for college course credit. He’s dog-sledded across Minnesota, rafted rivers in Colorado and spent weeks at a time traversing the snow-covered Gore Range in the Rocky Mountains.

Trent leads the Morrisette Packaging sustainability initiative and works closely with organizations looking to improve or increase their sustainable packaging efforts.

To contact Trent regarding sustainable packaging, please email

Our Sustainability Resources

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