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Frequently Asked Questions

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Design FAQs

  • Why choose Morrisette Packaging? Arrow

    We innovate through collaboration. Always have, always will. Our goal is to elevate your brand and unbox its packaging potential. We built our design center with an eye on the future. We employ graphic designers, structural engineers, CAD programmers and more. We remain material neutral which allows us to draw from unlimited resources to craft your packaging solution.

  • What are your capabilities? Arrow

    Morrisette Packaging provides world-class design and prototyping capabilities for our customers. From CAD design & sampling for industrial packaging, to full-color, PMS accurate prototypes for marketing and retail meetings – we offer solutions for any packaging need. To support big ideas, our team will collaborate with you to develop first-pass conceptual renderings or provide 3D printed samples to better visualize a solution long before your product is actually made.

  • Do you provide samples? Arrow

    We will gladly supply a limited number of conceptual samples or prototypes to help foster collaboration, show our capabilities and make sure we are aligned with your goals and supply chain demands.

  • What are the minimums required after a completed design? Arrow

    We do not have a minimum order requirement. Packaging evolves – we realize that a small project can quickly turn into a big one, and we want to support your growth. Our goal is to help you become more profitable, and our solutions often vary wildly from short-run digital production to full-service design and automation implementation.

  • When can I get an initial design? Arrow

    We design custom packaging solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. The initial design timeline depends upon the scope of your request. Simple corrugated packaging can often be resolved in just a few days, whereas large concept display programs could take a few weeks. Once we collaborate with you to understand the scope of creative work required, we can provide a realistic lead-time for next steps.

  • Do you charge for design time? Arrow

    There is no additional cost for our custom services at Morrisette Packaging. We aim to become a long-term partner and a trusted source of packaging expertise. For as long as you choose to do business with us, our Custom Services team’s designs and developments are yours to use at no additional cost.

Automation FAQs

  • What are some of the benefits? Arrow

    Our automation approach is multifaceted. We focus on:

    • Increasing throughput. As demand for your product grows, it can exceed what can be generated through manual processing/packing. Morrisette Packaging has automation options to match these growing output rates.
    • Automation Autonomy. The labor market has been quite challenging over the last several years. You can utilize automation to produce the same or more while utilizing LESS manual labor.
    • Quality. Manual processes can create a strain on operators and increase inconsistencies in quality. Automation delivers faster outputs and provides consistency such that your first package out the door looks just like your last – every single day.
    • Reach out to us or your Morriestte sales representative to schedule an onsite visit to evaluate your current process. We will provide a detailed report of the findings, recommendations and savings.
  • What are my financing options? Arrow

    Morrisette will provide financing options for the equipment purchase that will be customized to meet your budget and financial needs.

  • What are your capabilities? Arrow

    We are consultants with expertise on a wide range of packaging equipment. We utilize our packaging expertise along with our vendor neutrality to match each individual’s unique situation to the right solution.

  • Do you service machines? Arrow

    We’re here to help make your life easier. Our Morrisette Service Technicians are trained to handle installations, repairs and preventive maintenance.

  • Can I view the equipment? Arrow

    There’s a few ways we can accommodate equipment viewing. First, the equipment may be on the floor at one of our demo lines in Charlotte or Greensboro, and you can schedule a visit through one of our representatives. Second, our supplier may have a piece of equipment on their floor that you are interested in and we can go together to see the equipment. Third, we may have a customer that previously purchased a particular piece of equipment who is open to hosting us in their building in order to check out the equipment.

Kitting & Fulfillment FAQs

  • What are some of the benefits? Arrow

    Our kitting & fulfillment processes provide many benefits including reduced labor costs, reliable design, packaging cost transparency, hands-on quality control, improved supply chain management, and cash flow management including inventory management, reduced use of warehouse space, and consolidation of SKUs.

  • What are your capabilities? Arrow

    We offer light kitting and assembly services in-house to help you save space, time, money, and labor when it comes to your packing. These additional value-added services include display or packaging pre-assembly, palletization, labeling, and fulfillment services.

  • What does this process solve? Arrow

    We can help you keep your project on track by delivering your packaging pre-assembled and ready to go. Some packaging designs can be quite complex to assemble, require additional quality control, and ample space for warehousing. Our team can craft a supply chain that provides solutions to those problems.

  • Where does kitting take place? Arrow

    We keep a core assembly team in-house at our corporate location that can scale to meet growing demand and seasonal needs. We go directly from designing and prototyping in our design lab to assembling these packages for you – all under one roof. With locations across the southeast, we’re poised to craft solutions for you anywhere, at any time. We have the flexibility to set up seasonal, short-term or long-term assembly operations and to work offsite when needed.

  • Do you charge for labor? Arrow

    Packaging Assembly services are a value-added feature that can be quoted as an optional part of almost any project. If you want to see the impact of having a total cost of ownership for your packaging with delivered pricing for your ready-to-use packaging, we will gladly include these services in your pricing upon request.

  • How does your kitting team operate? Arrow

    We start every kitting job with a conversation about your business, and what needs you have in the supply chain and packaging design stages. Then, we go on to create a system that produces exactly the kind of packaging you need, how you need it. The result: creating, assembling, and delivering packaging kits when and how you need them. Our kitting and fulfillment process is among the best in the business, and we’re committed to delivering the highest quality work on time, every time.

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