Sustainable Packaging

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Welcome to a Greener Way

Morrisette believes in a holistic approach to sustainable packaging, taking into account the manufacturing process, our customer’s goals, and end consumer behavior. To us, sustainable packaging should be efficient, effective, and educational. Sustainable packaging does not mean compromising on quality or price.

For packaging to be sustainable, it must meet certain criteria. Materials must be either renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. The goal of sustainable packaging is to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging. It must be effective and economical, in addition to being safe for the consumer and the planet.

And let’s not forget the environmental toll caused by damages and returns. Damages are incredibly costly not only to your business, but to the planet as well. Our structural designers can help you reduce damages, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Product Snapshot

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Eco Mailer

The ECO MAILER is a 100% curbside recyclable padded mailer, allowing you to protect your product while also reducing your carbon footprint.

renewable bubble Packaging


Our Renew film offering maximizes the use of recycled content, keeping materials in motion in a circular economy. This Renew film used for On Demand Inflatable systems uses less raw materials without compromising performance and product protection.

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Greenline Paper

Our Greenline void fill is made from 100% recycled paper, derived from post-consumer waste. It is curbside recyclable and biodegrable, making it an eco-friendly choice to protect your products in shipment.

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Cold Chain

As temperature sensitive shipping has grown with ecommerce, so has the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to styrofoam coolers. We offer recycled fiber liners and biodegrable, compostable liners made from corn.

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Stretch Film

Emphazise the Audit: We take a deep dive into your stretch wrapping process to identify the ideal number for ounces of film per pallet. By dialing in the correct amount of force per load and the ideal film technology, you can achieve a securely wrapped pallet that will reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. Less overkill, less waste, less damages; better for the planet.

Our Commitment to the Planet

Sustainable Partnerships

As a distributor, we have to make sure we are sourcing from the right people, which is why we have chosen to partner with over a dozen select manufacturers who are committed to longer-term sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable manufacturing means emphasizing energy efficiency, using minimal materials, avoiding toxins, and using renewable, recyclable, biodegrable, and compostible content when possible. Combined, these valued partners produce stretch film, mailers, flexible packaging and poly, corrugated, tape, shrink film, void fill, and cold chain packaging. Please let us know if sustainable packaging is a passion of yours and we would be happy to have a conversation with you around the pros and cons of sustainable packaging products.

Morrisette selectively partners with manufacturers who have robust sustainability initiatives and a strong commitment to the environment. We routinely review our partnerships, holding our manufacturers accountable for their sustainability efforts. Our partner’s manufacturing certifications include:

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
American Forest & Paper Association
Forest Stewardships Council (FSC)
American Tree Farm System (ATFS)
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Designing for Sustainability

Packaging Structural Design

  • Is your current packaging solution too costly to assemble, pack and ship?
  • Are you experiencing damage and product returns with your current e-commerce solution?
  • Are you struggling to launch a new product at retail, on time and on budget?
  • Is there an opportunity to redesign your packaging to cut down on waste and help with SKU reduction?

Packaging Graphic Design

Consumer education is an integral piece when it comes to changing the environmental impact of your packaging. Many consumers do not know the rules and regulations around packaging recyclability. Using artwork that describes and details the contents of your packaging and educates the consumer how to recycle it can have a great impact. Packaging graphics can also be used to help you market and capitalize on the sustainability of your chose packaging materials right on the package itself. Our team of graphic designers can help you place your artwork properly on your packaging and ensure that it prints correctly. If you don’t have artwork, our team can create a design specifically for you!

Circular Economy

The idea of a closed loop / circular economy is on the minds of many of our customers. The goal of a circular economy is to drive out waste by only using finite, natural resources to get your product from point A to point B. Unnecessary resources are eliminated, reducing waste and carbon footprint. Some of our customers are actively practicing this and we are an avid participant in their process. An effective economy is critical for the preservation of our planet’s natural resources. We’d love to discuss ways we can help you achieve a closed loop economic system when it comes to getting your product out the door and to the end consumer.

Contact us today to discuss how Morrisette can move your company forward.