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Facility Supplies

Facility Supplies

Providing Solutions, No Matter The Need

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Janitorial Supplies

Maintaining a healthy workplace enables you to maintain a healthy business. Industry-trained experts designed our janitorial program; our hand-picked product line is the best available. We’re obsessed with quality products and services and even offer our own line of products, MLine, to help meet your needs.


Paper Products

Let us help revitalize your restroom facilities with innovative and functional products. We’ll provide cost-effective solutions to modernize your restrooms while keeping the focus on safety, health, and cleanliness.

MLine Towels & Tissue
Our branded line of paper products includes sleekly designed dispensers, the option for 100% recycled paper, differing styles and sizing, and our design experts available to consult with you along the way.

MLine Performance Wipers
Our wipers are highly absorbent cloth-like towels of the highest quality and designed for optimal performance. They are suitable for use across any industry and help to eliminate cross-contamination through individual use.


Hand Care

Proper hand care is a crucial factor in maintaining the health of your employees. The MLine skincare program offers solutions that include foam soaps, hand sanitizers, industrial soap, and durable dispensers.


Can Liners

We eliminate the need to double bag due to breaking and leaking. The MLine of can liners are high-quality, high-strength, that will get any job done and keep your facility clear of waste. We carry a full line, including Low-Density Liners (Warehouse) – Made from material that stretches for puncture resistance with tough materials such as wood and glass. We offer these liners in white, black, and clear colors, and gauges range from .4 – 3 mils.

High-Density Liners (Restroom & Office) – Built for extremely bulky, lightweight trash. We offer these liners in black and clear colors, and gauges range from 5-22 mils.


Floor Care

Keeping your floors clean can be a monumental task. Our onsite facility floor care specialist will help you develop a program that includes equipment, products, and onsite training to conquer that giant.

Soft Surface Program
This program includes maintenance, vacuuming, low moisture interim cleaning, and deep extraction cleaning.

Hard Surface Program
This includes daily maintenance and cleaning, top scrub/stripping, floor finish, and high-speed burnishing.

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Safety Supplies

Our program also extends to safety & PPE supplies and solutions. We’re dedicated to helping improve the overall safety of your facility by utilizing the latest and greatest in products, training, and technology. Our goal is to help keep your organization in line with safety compliance requirements and protocols, no matter what you might require.


Hand Protection

We offer everything when it comes to protecting your hands. From disposable to chemical and cut resistant – we stock gloves across every category, including using materials that suit your needs, such as cotton, leather, synthetic, and more.



Our respirators cover masks for everyday use and more comprehensive, reusable masks for protection while on the job. We utilize 3M, a trusted name within the industry, and aim to provide you with the highest quality products available. Our products include full-face respirators, half-face respirators, cartridges and filters, replacement parts, and disposable masks.


Eye Protection

Keeping your eyes safe is a necessity. Our eye protection products meet the highest safety rating, and just as importantly, they’re comfortable and look good too! Our products include safety glasses, goggles, welding masks, face shields, headgear, and cases.


Hearing Protection

When it comes to ear protection in the workplace, you have to get it right. That’s why we carry earplugs, earmuffs, and semi-insert earplugs for your convenience. Our earplugs are pre-molded or moldable foam that is adjustable for an easy and comfortable fit. Our earmuffs are made with sound-attenuating material and soft ear cushions for a natural fit around the ears.



Morrisette Packaging offers an extensive line of protective clothing and high-visibility products. As a bonus, we can customize most apparel items to include your name and logo! Our products include safety vests, footwear, rainwear, flame-resistant, and welding gear.

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