Sustainable Packaging Guide

Sustainable Packaging Guide

We at Morrisette can help you find sustainable packaging that meets your needs and the needs of your products. With a wide variety of stock packaging and a team of designers ready to help you customize your own, we can supply any company with the sustainable packaging they want.

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Roots 2020 highlights

United way campaigns = $121,562 (employee pledges + company match) Greensboro – $95,402 (includes corporate gift) Raleigh – $10,630 Greenville – $12,260 Roanoke – $3,270   Hands on service projects Employees giving their time and talent to help others Backpack beginnings coat collection for children Cards of gratitude for cone health covid front line workers…

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A New Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer reserved for only big corporate planning and the few who care. Now, it is a world-wide concern that has attention from all types of consumers. There isn’t a market or a sector that is excluded from being in the know on what is important for keeping our planet safe and maintained…