Supporting local communities through our ROOTS program

A key part of our sustainability mindset is our ROOTS Program, which was developed to support the local communities our employees work, live, and play in. The ROOTS Program arms employees with a targeted way of giving back to the community through volunteering and financial donations with a 100% corporate matching program.

Responsible behavior globally

Sustainability deals with global and regional issues concerning the environment, the economy, and social responsibility. We partner with select manufacturers who have ambitious sustainability targets included in their long-term strategic plans.

Morrisette’s goal is to become the leading supplier of sustainable packaging and facility solutions. For instance, we offer a full range of green products that not are not only better for the environment, they still get the job done, because we know being green shouldn’t end on the product’s marketing.


Protecting Our Environment

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to take care of the environment. Therefore, whenever possible, we institute environmentally friendly practices across all aspects of our business. Whether selecting trucks that are more fuel efficient, offering our own line of “Green” Products that are effective and efficient, or reducing waste across all of our facilities – we have embraced and instituted fundamental aspects of change in our organization. Not only do we encourage environmental sustainability in our business, we empower our employees to follow suit in their lives outside of the office. Each of these items contributed to improvement in our business, our products, and, most importantly, our people. We are proud that this outlook transcends into our client’s businesses, renewing and invigorating our mission to make the world a better place for those who come after us.

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