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Why Invest in Quality Packaging for Your Firearm Brand?

Quality/creative/innovative packaging is a cornerstone of any successful business. 

Exceptional packaging will not only keep your products safe and secure during every portion of its journey, but it will also act as a marketing tool to expand your brand. 

How can you elevate your brand’s position in a crowded market? 

How can you cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd in a time where sales are at record highs?

How can you make sure your product’s next “unboxing” video on YouTube is one your target audience will remember?


Just follow Morrisette Packaging’s Four Rules of Firearms Packaging 

Spoiler Alert:

At the end of this, we don’t ask for money.

We actually explain how a lot of what we do is free.

Crazy, we know.

RULE #1: Always keep your packaging pointed in the right direction.

It’s easy to become complacent because things have worked exactly the way they are for however long. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a common refrain.

But that’s also an easy way to get left behind.

Custom Firearms Packaging can help you stay ahead of the competition while adding value to your brand in many ways.

Morrisette Packaging’s in-house creative design team will collaborate with you to keep all of your package designs fresh, clean and constantly evolving so that you avoid falling into the trap of being in a rut which may result in you being left behind and forgotten.

RULE #2 : Treat every package as if it’s the most important package at all times. 

It’s easy to think your accessories and add-ons don’t need the same love and attention you give to your big money maker. But have you been to the gun store lately?

As the record demand continues to grow for firearms and accessories, customers are packing into stores and taking their pick of an equally growing number of offerings on the shelf.

In addition to record sales in the firearms industry, the growth of unboxing videos cannot be ignored. The top five unboxing channels on YouTube boast a combined audience of 84,600,000 people. That’s 84.6 MILLION people watching unboxing videos. 

How do you stand out in a crowd that size?

Be impressive with your custom packaging design from Morrisette. 

You cannot afford to blend in. 

That’s why Rule #2 is so important. You must treat every package as if it’s the most important package of all time. 

RULE #3: Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending and design something timeless and unique.

Let’s face it: firearms packaging can be very bland, basic and repetitive. 

White and brown boxes with little personality are filled to the gills with choke tubes, keys, magtube plugs, chamber locks and magazines that never quite fit back where they came from. 

Front sight posts and handguards bursting at the seams of a box that was bought based on price and price alone. 

Ammo box flaps tearing apart after one person tries to examine what’s inside. 

You can imagine each scenario because it’s so common in the firearms packaging world. 

That leads to the obvious question: Why is it so common?

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

If you don’t know the value, protection and profit that custom firearms packaging provides your product, why would you not go with the cheapest option available?

Is custom packaging more expensive than regular packaging?

In a lot of ways, absolutely not.

Cheap packaging leads to loss through:

  • increased returns due to shipment damaged packaging
  • lack of branding/story telling. 46% of consumers buy a product because they trust the brand. Is your packaging telling your story?
  • loss of profit due to poor perceived value – it’s no secret that customers pay more for product they perceive to be worth more. Custom Packaging can increase that perceived value while likely saving you money at the same time.
  • over-spending on various box sizes to fit various products. Custom packaging can create one box to be used for multiple items as needed.

Custom firearms packaging is a vital component to your brand’s reputation. 

Morrisette Packaging can help you stand out with a custom firearms package design that looks fresh and modern but also conveys your brand’s rich history. 

Our design network can be an extension of your sales, marketing and leadership teams to ensure the custom packaging design we develop for you is right on target for your goals.

Packaging design, especially when it is custom, is a collaborative effort. We bring you along every step of the way. Ensuring that the final result matches your vision and furthers your company.

The UM Tactical Qualifier Holster and mount.

RULE #4: Always know your target audience and design with them in mind.

We don’t intend to design your artwork, put it on a box and then wish you the best of luck.

We make sure you understand the why of what we do.  

Our structural engineers and creative design teams will help you see the “why” behind what works best for you while also giving you a road map of where you can take it in the future.

We become a partner in your brand’s journey, and we work hard to provide the best outcome possible during and after the design process. 

BONUS: Engaging our services is free.

We offer free auditing of your process and packaging.

Morrisette Packaging collaborates and develops with you to help create profitability and success in as many ways as possible with no up-front cost required.

We aim to become a long-term partner and a trusted source of packaging expertise to you, and your organization.

And unlike some banks, payment processors, web-hosting services or social media, we won’t suddenly quit on you.

Learn more about how we can help by emailing right now.

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