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Our Uniquely Collaborative Approach

Creating Customized Experiences

At Morrisette Packaging, we exist to build a uniquely collaborative culture that shapes the future of packaging, and we want to include you in it. Your brand should be an extension of who you are as a company. So why stop at the product? At Morrisette Packaging, we work with you to create a unique design that leaves a lasting impression. Effective packaging design is crucial in securing a positive first impression with your consumer and developing lasting brand loyalty. By working collaboratively with you in full transparency, we ensure that your packaging and design goals are surpassed while staying within your budget.

  1. Collaborate & Create

    We keep the conversation open and collaborate with you in order to guide the design process to success.

  2. Procure & Present

    Utilizing our collective resources, we develop, source, and make decisions on design with your brand in mind.

  3. Test & Deliver

    We test the functionality and run ROI analysis repeatedly to ensure your custom packaging design meets your standards.

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We’ve Mastered The Process

Our goal is to guide the design process through collaboration and insight.

We design ideas that help you make the right decisions on what material, shape, and style of packaging you need.

Through each step, we review the graphic and structural designs, test application options and collaborate with you on every final decision.

As we learn more about you, your brand and your process, we pool from our extensive experience and resources to suggest improvement in efficiency, branding and overall cost savings.

We are material neutral. We will source the best material options for your application.

The final result is custom packaging that protects your product, your brand and your bottom line.

Our Packaging Design Resources

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