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Packaging Mailers 101

Packaging mailers are small, envelope-like packages that are used to carry smaller goods that wouldn’t necessarily fit into a box, or package. Though packaging mailers can come in all kinds of shapes and the sizes, the primary characteristics are all relatively similar. They are smaller than most other types of packaging, they are shaped similarly to a large envelope, and they usually have some type of protection built into them. Overall, packaging mailers are a good option for products that are relatively small but may require special protection. In this guide, we hope to show you the different kinds of packaging mailers, and how they can be a good option to use when it comes to shipping your products.

Types of Packaging Mailers

Packaging mailers can come in different shapes, and sizes, and can be made from different materials. However, the different types of packaging mailers are defined by what they can do. The main types are listed and described.

Kraft Bubble Lined

Kraft bubble lined mailers are usually made from recycled paper-like materials and are an example of a typical mailer. They have the envelope-like shape and are sealable through an adhesive fold that closes it off. The interior of these mailers is lined with bubble cushioning that is designed to keep the product inside safe. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized with a unique design.

Poly Unlined

A poly mailer is usually defined as a durable plastic bag that seals. These are meant to be lightweight, but able to handle the tough process of being shipped. An unlined poly mailer is one a  sealable plastic bag, but without a layer of bubble cushioning on the inside. These sorts of mailers will typically be used to ship things like clothes, and other soft products that don’t require extra protection in the mail.

Poly Bubble Lined

A poly bubble lined mailer is similar to a poly unlined mailer in almost every way. The only difference is that they have a bubble cushioned lining on the interior of the bag, giving the products within the mailer an extra layer of protection. These sorts of mailers can still be used for soft products, but the extra protection allows them to be used in more situations.

Printed Poly and Recycled Poly

Printed poly mailers are poly mailers that have been designed with a desired image or have been changed aesthetically in some way. These are usually used when brands want to add a bit of flair to their packaging. Recycled poly mailers are poly mailers that have been made from recycled materials. These mailers are better for the environment, but we’ll get into that later.

Insulated Recycled Fiber

Insulated recycled fiber mailers are mailers that have been made from recycled materials that are also insulated on the inside. Basically, these mailers are environmentally friendly and are made to handle products that are temperature sensitive. These mailers are meant to be used in relatively niche situations. However, that doesn’t stop them from being very good at what they do.

Package Mailers Guide 2

What Makes Up a Good Packaging Mailer?

As you can see, packaging mailers come in all kinds of designs with varying abilities, and they usually specialize in one field or another. As someone purchasing these mailers, you should consider what you need in a good mailer for your specific company, but there are some things you should look for regardless of what kind of mailer you choose.


Regardless of which mailer you choose from, it should be able to withstand harsh shipping conditions without ripping or tearing. Though mailers aren’t meant to be as sturdy, or protective as boxes, they should still be durable enough to make it from point A to point B without an issue. Packaging durability is important no matter what the product inside is.


Tamper-evident packaging is quickly becoming a staple in the e-commerce world as a way of giving customers peace of mind. Having packaging that is tamper-evident will let your customers feel more at ease as they know if someone tried to open their package during transit, they would be able to tell. This is an important feature for any package to have.

Interior Lining

Though having an interior lining isn’t always necessary, it is still a good line of defense to have. Of course, you wouldn’t need interior lining if you’re shipping clothing, but for most other things, it’s good to have. It’s just another thing that prevents your product from getting damaged, and it keeps your customers happy knowing their products are safe.

Package Mailers Guide 3

Can They Be Customized To Fit My Brand?

As with most styles of packaging, mailers can be customized to fit your needs. We touched on this when we talked about printed poly mailers. Most mailer options can be customized to reflect the colors of your brand, or to have some sort of design associated with your brand. Aesthetics are a very important part of e-commerce and customizing all of your packaging is a good call. Mailers are just another canvas for you to advertise your company.

Industries Served and Environmental Impact

When it comes to the industries that can make use of mailers, the options are pretty much endless. Any company that operates in an industry that ships relatively small, or lightweight products can make use of package mailers. Some industries we at Morrisette have worked with are retail, e-commerce, health and beauty, medical supplies, and others. As far as environmental impact goes, mailers can be made in such a way that is very environmentally friendly. Many of the options we listed can be made from recyclable materials, and they are usually smaller than other packaging units. Because they’re smaller, they can be made from less materials, and the materials are usually far less harmful for the environment than other packaging.

Package Mailers Guide 4

Order Stock or Custom Designed Packaging Mailers Today!

We at Morrisette can help you find the packaging mailer that meets your needs. With a wide variety of stock mailers and a team of designers ready to help you design your own custom mailers , we can supply any company with any mailer they could need. If your company needs stock or custom mailers, contact us. You won’t be disappointed with our service. Contact us today!

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