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Mailers: The Box Alternative

With recent DIM weight changes and increasing shipping costs, mailers are a viable alternative to shipping in cartons. Mailers can be customized to provide the protection and branding your company desires. In the right application, mailers are perfect for reducing overall packaging waste and controlling shipping costs.

Product Snapshot

At a Glance

With a variety of different materials and cushion levels, Morrisette is your source for re-thinking your end user shipments. Mailers are an opportunity to reduce or eliminate the need for void fill, tape, and labor associated with carton erecting. Branded mailers make a clean, impactful impression on your customer. Stand out in your space by creating your own custom mailers with Morrisette.


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E-commerce Fufillment

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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Health & Beauty


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    Reduced Carbon Footprint
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    DIM Weight Savings
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    Highly Customizable
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    Easy to Showcase your Brand with Printing Options
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    Reduced Total Cost

Types & Materials

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Kraft Bubble Lined

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Poly Unlined

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Poly Bubble Lined

morrisette printed mailer

Printed Poly and Recycled Poly

mailers natural recycled

Insulated Recycled Fiber

DIM Weight Savings and Efficiency Gains

Let’s take a look at your process. What are you shipping? Where is it going? Our specialists will analyze how you pack and ship your products and make recommendations on the best mailers for your application. Together, we will look at DIM weight savings and efficiency gains to provide the greatest total cost savings possible.

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