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What is Kitting?

Kitting is the process of putting a bunch of different products together to create a new SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). However, this is different from a bundle. The term kitting is only employed when it comes to products that need to be assembled together in a specific order in a given package. This is typically the case when it comes to subscription boxes or custom-made items that are built on the fly. Kitting can be broken down into three basic steps.

Kitting Case Study: Murphy’s Naturals

Kit Creation

First and foremost, one must first establish what is going into a given kit. This will, of course, have to do with the product being sold. If the product is something that needs to be assembled, then each piece needs to be put together and then packaged. If the product is a type of subscription box with many items inside, then a separate process must be created to properly organize all of these items. All of this needs to be established in the kit creation process and typically will be done so through a long conversation with the business looking to create the kit.


A Morrisette Packaging employee assists in fulfilling Murphy's Naturals shipment to Costco Warehouses.

Next, we have the actual packaging and assembly of the products. This is the part where the plan established above is put into action. If there are multiple completed products that need to be put together, then the process will revolve around collecting and kitting those items. If it is an assembly process, then the product will be assembled and then packaged.


Finally, we have order fulfillment. Once the kits are discussed and created, they must be shipped to the customers that ordered them. This is what’s called fulfillment. This is what rounds out the kitting process. Most kitting services will provide fulfillment just like any part of the process, as it is arguably the most important part.

Our Kitting Service Areas

Morrisette Packaging Kitting and Fulfillment Area
Our customized kitting & fulfillment solutions allow you to navigate and control your packaging supply chain. At Morrisette Packaging, we always view you as our partner. With that in mind, we offer transparency and true cost throughout the packaging process. We work to keep you on track by delivering your packaging assembled and ready to ship out the door. Eliminate the stress of packaging your product – regardless of the size of the project. From design to delivery, we have the facilities, team, and resources to handle your kitting & fulfillment needs so that you can focus on what makes your company great.

We at Morrisette specialize in a number of kitting operations. With an emphasis on communication and a custom approach to every job, we offer support in a few different service areas. Before we can even alter your kitting operation though, we need to start with your packaging.

Packaging Analysis

First, we analyze your existing packaging and the techniques you make use of for your kitting operations. Through this process, we can determine where you may be spending too much, and where you may be able to change things. This is always the first step we take when we are hired for any job related to kitting. Doing this first will give us a baseline understanding as to what needs to be done with your packaging, and then we can analyze your kitting techniques afterward.

Packaging Redesign

After we establish where your packaging is at, and what we can do to help you, we will start off by presenting you with a fresh packaging design. If you like the new packaging, we will carry on with the fresh design and get you started with a whole new optimized kitting process. If you don’t like the new design, we can establish what you like and what you don’t like. After we do so, we can finally come to a design that is agreed upon by all parties. This new packaging design is likely to help reshape your brand into something still recognizable, but more unique. The goal is to make your packaging stand out more than before.


Now we can talk about the kitting process itself. Once we establish what will be your new packaging design, we can start to modernize your kitting process. This can include a number of things. Having an efficient kitting operation revolves around multiple factors. Of course, this process will vary based on the product you’re selling, but, basically, we will need to create a process that makes packaging your products quick and efficient. If your product requires assembly, then we will have to find a way to handle that. Ultimately, the end goal of any kitting process is to have multiple SKUs packaged into one unit. Creating efficiency for the customer or business.


We also can assist you in the fulfillment process. When discussing e-commerce, fulfillment actually means multiple things. It means both e-commerce packaging, and labeling orders before they ship, and it refers to shipping the packaged products out to those that ordered them. There are multiple ways to run a fulfillment operation, and, depending on what product you specialize in, we can help you find the process that works the best for you. Once a kit is successfully assembled, the order must be fulfilled, as in it must be shipped to the customer. Fulfillment can be a tough process, but Morrisette has solutions to the many problems that fulfillment can pose.

Product Testing

After all of this is said and done, we can also double check our work with rigorous product testing. While making use of industry metrics and testing equipment, we can test your packaging process to make sure it’s up to industry standards and can handle large volumes of orders when your business begins to grow. Making sure you have a packaging technique that can grow with you is important to us as it leaves room for additional success for your business. After this process is finished, your packaging operation and fulfillment process should both be automated at the height of the industry.

POP Display Assembly

One final service area we provide that may seem small but is still impactful is our ability to set up POP displays. POP stands for point-of-purchase and it refers to marketing material that is meant to reside next to the product that it is advertising, or at the checkout counter of whatever location it is propped up at. Its goal is to entice somebody that happens to be walking by it into purchasing the product. It is typically very eye-catching and can take up a lot of space wherever it is placed to ensure that it is seen by many eyes. We can both design these displays and assemble them in-house to get them ready for use. A POP display can go a long way for selling your product in a physical location.

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What are the Benefits of Warehouse Kitting?

Warehouse kitting comes with a lot of benefits both obvious and subtle. A couple of the more obvious ones are that you will save both time and money. Kits allow for a company to package a whole bunch of products into one SKU. If there is only one SKU being shipped as opposed to all of the items within it being shipped separately, then it will ultimately save you money in the shipping process. It also could cause your customers to spend more money. When you sell a bunch of items together in a bundle, especially at a discounted price, then customers will be more incentivized to buy larger bundles to save money. This will save you money in shipping and will earn you extra money from your customers as they may not have bought the items within the kit if they weren’t being sold together. It is also much easier to fulfill these orders. Kitting can take place before these kits end up being sold online. If you have the kits ready to go before they are even sold, then they will be much easier to package and ship. This will end with you getting your customer’s products to them faster which will raise your reputation as well. Warehouse kitting has endless benefits and can really make your operation run much smoother.

Choose Morrisette as Your Kitting Partner

We at Morrisette offer akitting and fulfillment service that is top of the line. With an emphasis on communication and a custom approach to every job, our teams know exactly what needs to be done to help your business. We will work with you to find a solution that works for you. If you’re in need of kitting and fulfillment solutions then call Morrisette. Together we can bring your packaging, and kitting operations to the next level. Contact us today!