Packaging Automation

Packaging Equipment for Companies Big and Small

Morrisette’s in-house integrators and engineers can help design a solution for your application. We are transparent in our work, collaborating with you on budgeting and testing, as well as ROI. Our goal is for you to realize efficiencies when it comes to labor, space, and spend.

How it Works

Supply Chain Evaluation

Analyze and diagnose the operation to uncover gaps

Equipment Integration

Design and develop tailored solutions for specific applications

Equipment Service

Implement and monitor the solution for increased efficiency gains and cost reductions

Automated Equipment Solutions

Load Containment

Protect your pallet going out the door and throughout transit

Case Erecting & Sealing

Reduce labor and get a uniform, square case every time

Shrink Packaging Systems

From simple to robust automation, we have shrink equipment dialed in for your application

Protective Packaging Systems

Void fill and cushioning systems to fit your process, in line or at your pack stations

Flexible Packaging Systems

Bagging and form fill and seal equipment for unique packaging needs

Coding & Labeling

Make your mark count – our specialists with help choose the right solution for your coding and labeling application


When reliability, trainability, and nimbleness are a top priority when it comes to pick and pack or palletization applications

Conveyance & Integration

Our in-house integrators have the CAD experience to tailor conveyor systems to any spatial requirements, making your automation dreams a reality


  • Increase productivity by getting your product out the door quicker with less downtime
  • Improve quality by eliminating human error and increasing consistency
  • Reduce material costs by maximize packaging spend
  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating unnecessary labor and increasing efficiencies

Automation FAQ's

Financing is typically done through a third party leasing company. The company we currently utilize is AMERICAN PACKAGING CAPITAL. Website:

Our capabilities are quite vast. We are consultants with expertise on a wide range of secondary packaging equipment. Aside from the equipment we represent, we are also capable of optimizing process flow, designing equipment layouts, minimizing manual tasks, and making you – our customer – more profitable by seeking out inefficiencies that can be improved upon. However, to truly understand all that we do here at Morrisette, this conversation is best to be had in person.

Almost all of the equipment we represent can be serviced by a Morrisette Service Technician.

We can accommodate viewing the equipment in a few different ways. First, the piece of equipment may be on the floor at one of our demo lines in Charlotte or Greensboro, in which case you may schedule a visit to our location through your Packaging Specialist. Second, our supplier may have a piece of equipment on their floor that you are interested in and we can go together to see the equipment. Third, we may have a customer that previously purchased a particular piece of equipment who is open to hosting us in their building in order to check out the equipment.

As far as equipment demos go, stretch wrappers and various tabletop units are available for demo pending availability. Being that stretch wrappers are our most common demo request, we will gladly place the machine on your floor for 7-10 days for you to do some trial runs. After the trial period is over, we will either come pick up the equipment or close the sale at that point and allow you to purchase and keep the equipment.


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