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The Shrink Smart bagging automation equipment cuts and perforates a bag that will be used to wrap furniture for shipment.

SHRINK SMART: Innovation in Bagging Machinery from Morrisette Packaging

Meet Morrisette’s Patented Shrink Smart Machine 

At Morrisette Packaging, our team shares a common perspective on innovation. It excites us and drives much of the success we experience in custom packaging design and automation. We’re not afraid to try something new and push the limits of what’s possible. 

Our dedication to innovation is seen prominently in our patented Shrink Smart machine – a new way to seal and perforate poly bags.

This machine is unique in how it feeds the film into the machine. It alternates the seal and the perf mechanism so that you can seal and perforate a bag just like you would if it’s on a roll. The seal and perforation happen somewhat simultaneously. 

Shrink Smart is extra special to Morrisette Packaging because the idea was developed by one of our dedicated packaging experts in Hickory, NC (the beating heart of the furniture industry)! 

How it All Started 

Packaging for upholstery can be technically complicated and very expensive due to size and scale. We aim to drive costs down and create better packaging solutions for your business. It is not uncommon for furniture companies to use multiple perforated bags on rolls. There can be five or more sizes of rolls needed to accommodate the products being sold. As you can imagine, this takes up a lot of space with pallets of rolls of bags ready and waiting to be used. 

SHRINK SMART – Custom Upholstery Packaging on Demand

We see this problem often and we are ready to implement a solution. The Morrisette Packaging Solution.

Excess packaging waste costs furniture manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Morrisette Packaging’s patented Shrink Smart technology eliminates tail-end waste commonly involved in shrink-wrapping upholstery, saving manufacturers big money with a straightforward solution. Shrink Smart from Morrisette Packaging allows a custom seal and cut of a poly bag made to the specifications of the packaging line in real-time. Our system allows an eighty-six-inch couch to be wrapped just before a forty-inch armchair with no waste of packaging material. The user inputs dimensions in real-time, allowing only what is needed to be processed, sealed, and perforated by the Shrink Smart machine.

Shrink Smart stays true to the Morrisette Packaging goal of helping you create a more efficient process, reduce damages and waste, and cut down the total cost of operations; all while delivering a better machine that provides you with a better solution for bagging your products. While the machine was specifically designed for the upholstery industry, other companies can use it too, including bedding, cushioning, and more. The overall result is a reduction in waste, driving down costs, and freeing up warehouse space. You can expect a 10-14% savings with a change from racking perforated bags on rolls.

Another benefit is safety by minimizing the operator’s risk of being injured. The efficiencies of speed are evident at 75% greater efficiency than other options. In effect, operators can be doing other things instead of changing out rolls and racking bags. For our customers, their overall buying habits change, giving them the ability to streamline the pallets of film they need to have on hand. To this day, the machines are uniquely made to order in North Carolina and are being used by many manufacturers along the East coast. 

Shrink Smart in Action


Capabilities of the Shrink Smart Machine 

From a master roll, the machine advances the film to the custom length desired for the application. The seal and perforation happen somewhat simultaneously, so the machine can work dynamically. The machine accepts widths up to 60 inches and can be modified to be smaller or larger. Center Folded or gusseted films complement ShrinkSmart’s capabilities that an operator can trust with each new on-demand request. 

The machine itself is packed with features that complement your needs. Since it is made to order, the control module can be customized however needed. It can handle wireless capabilities, optical detection, RFID tags, and more. It has unlimited preset program potential and can be manipulated in the moment and on-demand (change bag size, etc.). It is low maintenance and highly reliable. 

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