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Packaging Strategy & Products for E-Commerce Companies

E-commerce sales channels allow startups and established businesses to compete for market share on an even playing field. So what sets your company apart from the rest? We believe it all comes down to packaging. The unboxing experience has never been more important. Our team of packaging experts can be of great value to your business. We handle everything from the layout of the graphics on the box to the ultimate fulfillment of your finished product. Get in touch today to see how we can help your e-commerce business become more successful!

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Benefits of Morrisette


Our eCommerce team understands the impact of dim weight and freight charges on your overall shipping costs. We can help right-size your box to save you warehouse space, time, and money.

Product Replacement

If a product comes back damaged, you either need to dispose of the product and send a different one as a replacement or you have to put in the time, labor, and parts to repair it before sending it back out. Both options are incredibly costly. Let us help you reduce product damages by developing the most secure packaging for your precious cargo.

Customer Service

The right packaging can streamline your customer services by reducing damages and product rework.

Packaging Supplies

Don’t skimp on your packaging spend – it greatly impacts your bottom line through freight charges, customer service efforts, and product damages. We are here to help.

Customer Value

Packaging can be your WOW factor, securing customers for life. Customer lifetime value is the most important part of your packaging equation.

Our Unique Approach

  • Is your current packaging solution too costly to assemble, pack and ship?
  • Are you experiencing damage and product returns with your current e-commerce solution?
  • Are you struggling to launch a new product at retail, on time and on budget?

We can help you with all of these challenges, and much, much more!

Statistic: As much as 11% of unit loads arriving at a distribution center have some level of case damage. - Packaging Digest

A Solutions Mindset

Graphic design for companies that want to stand out

Customer Receiving Package, top view

Structural design for supply chain optimization and damage reduction

E-commerce Packaging Machine

Automated Solutions for operational efficiency and speed to market

Your Product is Worth Protecting

In e-commerce shipping, damages and product returns can be incredibly costly. Ensuring that you are using the right material for your application is critical - and our team of packaging experts can help audit your process and determine the most optimal packaging for your unique needs.

Stand Out From The Competition

Your packaging is the first impression consumers have of your brand. Differentiate yourself from the competition with creative packaging concepts designed exclusively for you by our team of graphic and structural designers. Let us help you create an unparalleled unboxing experience.

Statistic: 61% of consumers said branded packaging makes the brand seem more premium - The Packaging Company

E-Commerce Packaging Resources

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Transparent & collaborative partnership

An open and honest partnership is what we're all about.

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Material neutral packaging design

Partnering with a distributor means access to any and all materials available.

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Graphic manipulation & brand development

Our graphic design team has extensive design experience to take your brand to the next level.

3D cube icon green

Structural development for production

Morrisette’s on-site technology produces vibrant samples that you can touch and feel.

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Concept ideation & 3D renderings

Being able to visualize your design prior to production saves you time and money.

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Full color sample prototyping

Morrisette’s on-site technology produces vibrant samples that you can touch and feel.

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Product Damage Assessment

We understand that the greatest cost to your e-commerce business is damages and returns - and we know how to fix it.

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Shipping Cost Analysis

Dim weight and right-sizing your packaging can help save you space, time, and money.

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Kitting & fulfillment

Gain control of your packaging supply chain and total cost.

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Corrugated packaging analysis for performance

Optimizing your corrugated packaging should be done on an annual – and case-by-case – basis.

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Automated packaging equipment

Increase productivity and efficiency with automated solutions.

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Integration & service

Our equipment engineers will keep your equipment up and running smoothly.

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