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One trend that has not gone away, even with the overwhelming impact of Covid-19, is an increasing preference for sustainable products at the consumer level. People are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to care for our planet.

Companies are forced to comply with consumer demand or else they will get left behind. This has driven companies around the world to commit to being more environmentally aware and providing products that are less harmful to our planet to manufacture.

At the same time, companies still have to provide protective packaging for their products in order to get the products safely to customers. Especially now, with ecommerce continuing to exponentially increase, we are collectively burning through the resources we have available. Packaging products in general have never been in such demand, but are they all sustainable? 

For us at Morrisette, we take responsibility for the products and equipment that we provide our customers. It’s not just about eliminating material, it’s also about finding the most eco-friendly product for the application. 

Introducing Ranpak Greenline Paper

The most sustainable void fill paper available in the North American Market.

Greenline Paper At a Glance: 

  • Soft to touch (easier on packers)
  • 100% sustainable and curbside recyclable
  • Durable & protective with a basis weight of approximately 43 lbs
  • As protective as current 30 and 40 lb paper SKUs
  • Bundle Length: 1275 feet; Bundles on a skid: 65
  • Currently qualified for all Void Fill Ranpak converters
  • Available in 15”; testing for 30”

Void fill is critical for keeping products safe, and is especially relevant with the ecommerce boom. Having a sustainable paper void fill option is extremely exciting for our customers. 

Ranpak GreenLine® void fill paper protects what’s inside the box while also protecting the environment and your bottom line. As the void fill market continues looking for ways to reduce packaging costs and consumer demand for eco-friendly solutions increases, GreenLine meets the need for both.

One of the biggest barriers for companies and for consumers when it comes to purchasing sustainable products is the cost. Fortunately, with GreenLinen paper, you are going to have a low TCO when compared to alternatives.

Greenline paper is 100% PCW (post consumer waste) recycled paper. PCW that has completed its lifecycle as a consumer item and would otherwise have been disposed of as solid waste. In essence, this void fill option saves our landfills from more waste every time it is used. It is also made with ⅔ mixed paper. 

Existing recycled kraft paper in the marketplace is made mostly with higher grade waste fiber – DLK (double lined kraft) and OCC (old corrugated containers). Prior to the import ban, most mixed paper waste generated and collected in the US was exported to China. Due to the ban, this paper often ends up in landfills – but not when you choose Greenline.  

For every ton of Greenline Paper, we are diverting 1,200 pounds of mixed paper waste from going to landfills. 

This is a huge benefit for our planet, but it is also a selling feature for a business. This is something that can be used in your brand messaging to let your customers know you are taking one more step to be sustainable. And with ecommerce, the customer will be able to see the result when they get the product in the mail.

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