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This last year has proven that we can’t foresee every coming hardship. Many American businesses have had to survive lockdowns, supply chain issues, and now a shortage of labor. 

While the pandemic and lockdowns are soon to be in the past, the labor shortage might be here to stay for a few more months. Today’s companies need robust solutions to compete – companies that learn to respond to the shortage at this moment are going to be better prepared for what is coming! Why do we think that is the case? 

In 2004 IndustryWeek published an article about, you guessed it, a labor shortage, one that plagued states like North Carolina, the Dakotas, and Maine, so much so that cashiers were being offered signing bonuses to work minimum wage jobs, and fast food franchises were approving 20+ hours of overtime a week for employees. 

Some major takeaways from that time were that product life cycles were reduced, technological innovation flourished, and, ultimately, the fair minimum wage act of 2007 increased minimum wage permanently. While that was only 15 years ago, the US finds itself in a similar situation in 2021 where the same sectors, logistics, retail, warehousing, etc. are the most affected; it is now imperative that companies learn how to adapt. 

How to Protect Your Company from a Labor Shortage

The number one way that companies can maintain their outputs even during a labor shortage, global pandemic, or economic downturn is through automation. The numbers prove it, as we have experienced all three economic environments over the past 10 years. Companies that innovate and improve their systems with automation have continuously gained market share. 

Morrisette can help your company maintain operational efficiency throughout any economic situation with our automated solutions. We distribute any and all packaging equipment, from case erectors, to stretch wrappers, to conveyors and robots, giving us confidence that we have the right solution for your needs. 

Using Morrisette for your packaging solutions will allow your company to: 

  • Accurately predict fulfilment 
  • Provide reliable timelines for orders
  • Actuate material costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary labor costs
  • Provide a backbone of stability when it comes to throughputs and outputs
  • Reduce human error in manufacturing / processing
  • Expand your company’s LEAN operations
  • Extend operation cycles and help your employees train on the latest technology

Data indicates that companies who automate their production capacities not only maintain outputs and production quotas more so than others, but additionally reduce lead time, optimize their industrial processes, and lightspeed their LEAN and AGILE programs by years. 

Automation’s Effect

We get it – you care about your employees and don’t want automation to send all of your team members home. At Morrisette, it’s our people who make a difference and we know you feel the same about yours. Our automation solutions aren’t designed to eliminate any of your valuable team members, but increase efficiencies and eliminate potential redundancies. Your accounting department will thank you later.

Over the last 15 years, markets have shown that customers and investors trust companies that have reliable outputs and can be given peace of mind that their orders will be fulfilled on time. Morrisette’s packaging solutions will help you give your clients that peace of mind, knowing that they can depend on your company even when labor is tough to find. 

So, how can automation benefit your bottom line? By contributing to the following:

  • Increasing productivity by getting your product out the door quicker with less downtime / rework
  • Reducing material costs by maximizing packaging spend
  • Reducing labor costs by eliminating unnecessary labor and increasing efficiencies
  • Improving quality by eliminating human error and increasing consistency

Overcoming the Unforeseeable 

At Morrisette, we recognize that the economy is changing. While a labor shortage can be intimidating for employees and employers, we see it as an opportunity to move forward together. Automation will increase productivity and output, so as employers thrive, additional opportunities will always exist for motivated employees across all fields of work. 

When it comes to getting the job done, today’s companies will need to embrace automation to remain competitive and dependable. Through this transition, Morrisette is committed to being your partner by providing the latest industry leading solutions. Contact us now to learn just how we can help you reach the goals and overcome any shortage of labor you may already be experiencing now or in the months to come.

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