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Corrugated Packaging 101

Corrugated packaging is a style of durable packaging that is made up of multiple layers of material. It comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be molded to suit a number of needs. The material that makes up corrugated packaging is called containerboard and it makes up the part of corrugated packaging called the liner. The other part of corrugated packaging is called the medium, and this is also made up of containerboard. Corrugated packages are, basically, more durable cardboard boxes with special patterns built into them to ensure that they can handle the shipping process. Corrugated packaging is also used as a stylistic enhancement that can help your product stand out. In this article, we hope to help you see how corrugated packaging can help your business.

Types of Corrugated Packaging

There are two types of corrugated packaging that are worth noting. The two types are called custom corrugated, and stock corrugated packaging. Each of them have a number of differences that allow them to specialize in different things.

Custom Corrugated Packaging

First up is custom corrugated packaging. Custom corrugated packaging does not have a particular design associated with it. The whole point of custom corrugated packaging is for it to be molded and specially designed to fit whatever needs your products may have when it comes to packaging. At Morrisette we can examine your current packaging operation and design an entirely new one that better suits your needs. Purchasing custom corrugated packaging will allow you to have packaging that is specifically curated for you, thus allowing you to package your goods more efficiently.

Stock Corrugated Packaging

Next is stock corrugated packaging. Stock corrugated packaging simply refers to the variety of different corrugated package shapes and sizes that are already available within our inventory. This option allows you to browse and find the corrugated that fits your needs without the process of creating an entirely new one. Though this process is less personalized; it can certainly still yield a good result.

Capabilities of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging comes with a variety of benefits that makes it superior to other types of packaging. Two big perks associated with corrugated packaging are:


Corrugated packaging is extremely durable. The number of layers one will need in their boxes depends on what they’re transporting, but once the proper number of layers has been assigned, a corrugated package will do its job. A product has an extremely low chance of getting broken when shipped with corrugated packaging. Between a durable exterior that doesn’t crumble, and a structure that allows for a soft interior that will bend with your product, rather than hold still and let it break, a corrugated box will easily protect your products.


A perk that many may not realize is extraordinarily important for the shipping process is that corrugated packaging is very lightweight. Making sure your packaging is lightweight will ultimately make the shipping process cheaper for you, as you will not be charged extra for sending heavy products that may not even be all that heavy, and it will be generally easier to move around for workers. It is also useful for customers to have your packaging remain lightweight, as they become less difficult to transport. Overall, ensuring that the weight of your product stays low, while the packaging itself remains durable is very important for the shipping process.


Another large perk that comes with corrugated packaging is the ability to customize them heavily, and it’s with this customization that one can access new customers. These boxes don’t need to simply be boxes, they can be marketing tools that are advertising your products every step of the way. From the second they leave the warehouse to the time at which they are with a customer, a corrugated box can act as a symbol of your brand.

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Designing Corrugated Packaging

To go a little more in-depth on the many design choices that come with corrugated packaging, we can break down the different aspects of the design process.

Color Selection

Due to the nature of corrugated packaging and the fact that it is very easy to customize, you can choose between a wide variety of colors to print onto your corrugated packaging. An obvious idea for this application would be to apply your brand colors to the corrugated packaging carrying your products, as this would be a great way to advertise your company, and to grab the attention of anyone that may see it. We touched on this above, but this is a really good way to get new eyes on your products and to just generally get your product out there. Corrugated packaging allows for vast amounts of customization, and changing the color is just the tip of the process.

Pattern Selection

Next, we have pattern selection. As was mentioned before, corrugated packaging allows for basically anything to go on their surfaces. Choosing a good pattern to catch the attention of someone who may be shopping around for your product is essential to growing your business. A good pattern should be something that represents your brand in some way, and something that stands out, especially if your product already exists within a large pool of similar products. You can also have a pattern that has a texture associated with it. Doing this will allow for more creative patterns that will surely make your packaging pop.

Size Selection

Then there’s size selection. When purchasing, or hiring someone to create corrugated packaging for you, you will find that corrugated packaging comes in many different shapes and sizes. This means two things. One, corrugated packaging is a highly versatile material that can be molded to fit a number of needs and package sizes, and two it can be customizable in different ways. Other packaging may not be able to be molded to fit certain dimensions that make it more friendly to being customized. Corrugated packaging, and its ability to change so aggressively leaves plenty of room for unique package sizes for the sake of transportation and for the sake of creating a new and eye-catching design.

Industries and How Corrugated Packaging Impacts the Environment

Corrugated packaging is used in many industries today. Basically, any industry that is shipping or receiving high volumes of products makes heavy use of corrugated packaging, but there are some industries that make use of it that you wouldn’t expect. Corrugated packaging is used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical companies, retail companies, industrial manufacturing companies, and even aerospace companies. Many industries make use of corrugated packaging not only for its incredible perks and benefits, but because of its impact on the environment. The production of corrugated packaging leaves little to no impact on the environment, which already puts them ahead of other package options in regard to the environment. Corrugated packaging is also recyclable. Whether someone keeps their corrugated packaging after purchasing a product and reuses it for something else, or they simply opt to recycle it, there are many applications for corrugated packages outside of their original use. They can also be converted into other things, like furniture, or flooring, all without being a detriment to the environment. The countless applications of corrugated packaging allows it to both be environmentally friendly, and a good thing to have laying around your home.

Order Stock or Custom Designed Corrugated Packaging Today!

Here at Morrisette, we take pride in our ability to provide top notch service in a number of different fields. Our corrugated packaging, whether your order stock, or a custom designed set, is extremely high quality, and will do exactly what you need it for. Our team can put together any custom job you give us, and if that doesn’t suit your needs, then our wide variety of stock corrugated packaging will surely have what you need. Contact the corrugated packaging experts at Morrisette today. We’ll get every job done, the right way.

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