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Morrisette Packaging Kitting Services

From the first impression to the unboxing experience, the way a product is presented shapes the narrative of your brand in the customer’s mind. Kitting is an incredibly important part of the packaging process. It can deeply affect the consumer’s impression of your brand. The Morrisette Packaging Kitting & Fulfillment service provides meticulous attention to detail, a collaborative spirit, and eco-conscious solutions that truly set your brand apart.

In this video, Josh Reich, Kitting & Operations Manager for Morrisette Packaging, shows you our process. When we say from “Design to Delivery” this is what we mean.

We design the structure and the graphics of the packaging, and then (if needed) we place the product in that packaging and send it off.

This blog focuses on how Kitting improves your process, elevates your brand and drives down overall cost.

For a thorough explanation of what kitting is, see our “How Kitting Works” blog here.

What is Kitting?

Kitting is a process where individual but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. For Morrisette Packaging, kitting is an integrated approach to enhancing your product handling, reducing your warehouse costs, and speeding up your order fulfillment cycle. This approach helps create a more effective supply chain management strategy, aiming to reduce time and costs involved in logistics.

The Role of Kitting in Supply Chain Management

Kitting services are a cornerstone of efficient supply chain management. By assembling products into ready-to-ship kits, Morrisette Packaging helps businesses minimize the handling of individual parts, thereby reducing labor costs and error rates. This not only speeds up the packaging process but also improves the accuracy of shipments, enhancing customer satisfaction—a vital component of successful supply chain operations.

Kitting Services from Morrisette Packaging

  • Manpower: Our skilled team handles every aspect of the packaging process with precision and care, ensuring that your products are safely and efficiently prepared for their next step in the journey.
  • Warehouse Space: With expansive, secure warehouse facilities, we have ample room to store your products before they are packaged, ensuring a smooth transition from storage to shipment.
  • Logistical Expertise: Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience in logistics, we manage the entire process, from packaging to palletizing, and finally shipping your product to its destination. Our expertise ensures that your products arrive safely and on time, every time.
You can click this image to contact Morrisette Packaging regarding its custom packaging and supply chain services.

How Kitting Affects Your Brand

So far this year, there have been more than 25 billion views of videos with ‘unboxing’ in the title.


Ignore the unboxing experience at your own peril. But if you choose not to ignore it, how can you be sure that you put your best foot forward?

After you decide on a custom packaging design and a unique structural design for your packaging, how do you know that your product will be properly fit into the package and delivered to the retailer or consumer in the best shape possible? And how do you find the right people, space and equipment to package your product efficiently? How do you match ALL of that with your current efforts to scale as effectively as possible?

This is where Morrisette Packaging’s Kitting & Fulfillment services step in.

At Morrisette Packaging, collaboration through innovation is the key to our success, and kitting and fulfillment fit right into it.

We understand that navigating the packaging process is complex, so we walk you through the process of creating a custom packaging design that brings your vision to life. This includes ktting, the final step before the product reaches the consumer.

Tailoring Kitting for Efficient Operations

Kitting goes beyond mere assembly—it’s the art of preparation before presentation.

Morrisette Packaging excels in delivering precision-based kitting services, and we develop kitting solutions tailored to your needs.

We provide manpower, warehouse space, equipment, and just-in-time delivery to ensure your full control throughout the process.

Letting us guide your packaging process lets you concentrate on growing your business.

Unwrapping the Process

Morrisette Packaging’s kitting services create a unique advantage for you.

As we develop you custom packaging, we learn your brand’s story, it’s position and the value it provides. While our packaging design team helps weave those details into the packaging design, our kitting team inspects, assembles, labels, and ships the product while focusing on every step to ensure the final result matches your overall vision.

That’s what we mean when we say “From Design to Delivery.”

Our Promise

  • Reliability: Depend on us to handle your products with the utmost care.
  • Efficiency: Experience streamlined operations that save you time and money.
  • Expertise: Benefit from our years of experience in kitting and fulfillment.

More Advantages of Morrisette’s Kitting Services

  1. Streamlined Operations: By engaging Morrisette Packaging’s kitting services, you streamline the final steps in your supply chain process, allowing for quicker shipment preparations and more efficient use of your warehouse space.
  2. Cost Efficiency: At Morrisette Packaging, we have the kitting manpower, warehouse space and automation equipment in-house to provide the most cost-effective solution for your kitting and packaging needs.
  3. Improved Inventory Management: Kitting helps maintain better inventory control. It simplifies tracking and managing stock levels, as kits are tracked as single units rather than multiple individual items.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Delivering products as a bundled kit reduces the complexity for the end-user, who receives everything needed in one package. This is particularly advantageous for products that require assembly, ensuring that customers have all the necessary components from the start.

A Commitment to Detail

Our dedication shines through our obsessive attention to detail. We embed quality control in every operation phase, placing and checking each product to ensure flawless final packaging. The fulfillment phase is crucial, and we excel at it. Morrisette guarantees timely, hassle-free fulfillment. We manage the logistics, from inventory control to delivery.

Innovation Through Collaboration

Choosing Morrisette Packaging means entering a partnership. We’re dedicated to understanding your needs and goals, offering solutions that boost your success.

Collaboration and communication are at the heart of our relationship.

Our approach to innovation is collaborative, combining your needs with our insights to find the best solutions. This ensures an efficient, ever-improving process.

Morrisette Packaging is more than just a service. We are your packaging partner—your success is our success. Get in touch today and experience the difference that tailored kitting and fulfillment can make for your business.

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