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Standing Strong During Times of Crisis

At Morrisette, we cannot express enough gratitude to the communities that have supported us through our decades of growth – we know that we could not be successful without our community. During challenging times, we want to recognize ways that we can help in our community.

From CEO Bill Morrisette, “First and foremost, we are taking every measure to keep our people safe and out of harm’s way. We also know that many of our products are critical during this time and we are continuing to provide service where we have capabilities. Every day we are looking for ways that we can adapt and do our part to end this crisis.”

People around the globe are coming together and asking the same question as us: “what can I do to help those who are suffering during this time and safely get to the other side of this situation?”

Demographics that are in need of urgent assistance during COVID-19:

  • Those who have income that is immediately affected, such as small businesses, restaurant employees, and other companies with layoffs
  • People with food insecurities, such as seniors and families with children
  • Children who are experiencing learning interruptions
  • Other business disruptions and changes
  • Access to medications and medical care due to transportation and shortages

We have always believed in our partnership with United Way, and this is strengthened during times of global need. United Way funds go to charities that directly and immediately provide support for the community in times of crisis, in areas such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and other community needs.

You can get involved with your local United Way to make an impact:

Another easy way that you can give back is by donating blood at your local blood bank. The American Red Cross is urging anyone who is healthy to donate due to an extreme shortage of blood. These facilities are taking measures to ensure your safety during your donation; you can learn more here.

These are some other “out-of-the-box” ideas for ways that you can support those who are in need during this time:

  • Buy gift cards at your local stores to use later
  • Continue to eat take out to support local restaurants
  • Volunteer to give “virtual tutoring” to children with parents who need the extra support
  • Avoid grocery stores in the early hours of the day so that elderly and compromised populations can shop in more sanitary environments
  • Find local charities that can help you connect with vulnerable populations who are in need of food and other supplies

Bill Morrisette concluded: “We will continue to pursue ways to get involved and cultivate strength until we get to the light at the end of the tunnel.”

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