Stretch Film

Wooden pallet with parcels wrapped in the stretch film, 3D rendering

Load Containment

A properly wrapped pallet protects your brand image and your product, which is why it should be your top priority when it comes to packing and shipping your product out the door. How do you ensure that your load is wrapped properly? This is where we come in. Morrisette’s load containment experts are skilled at auditing stretch film processes and delivering low-cost, innovative solutions that increase productivity, ensure product safety, and protect your brand. You can rest easy knowing that your stretch film process is in good hands!

Product Snapshot


Designed for any company that packs and ships their product out the door on pallets, stretch film today has evolved dramatically through technological advances in extrusion capabilities. Stretch film is most widely used in:

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Consumer Packaged Goods

medicinal packaging

Medical & Pharmaceutical Supplies

morrisette retail packaging


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General Manufacturing


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Hand Film

  • Economical
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Internal Use
stretch film machine

Machine Film

  • High stretch
  • Low gauge
  • High-performance
  • Strong cling
  • Superior Load Containment


Blown Film

Superior load-holding capacity
High cling
Very high puncture and tear resistance levels
Best for traditional loads

Cast Film

Excellent load retaining capabilities
High puncture and tear resistance
Superior film clarity
Single or double sided cling
Thinner gauge films with significant performance
Multi-layered versions
Most aggressive film type for complex loads

Load Containment Automation

If you’re still applying stretch film by hand, it’s time to consider all the hidden (or maybe not-so-hidden) costs involved. A stretch wrapper has the ability to wrap products quickly, efficiently, and more econmically than you might think. Our skilled team of technical auditors can assess your process, labor, and space to present the most cost-effective automated solution for your application. From semi-automatic to fully automatic machines, it’s time to reap the benefits of automated stretch wrapping equipment, like wrapping 20+ identical loads / hour.


Our Audit Process

Like all things in life, balance is an important element. This is why we focus not just on the film and the metal, but on the uniqueness of each and every application. Success pivots on the amount of information, the quality of information, and our ability to integrate our solutions into your process. The audit is the most important step towards achieving a profitable and successful load containment process.

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