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Inside our National Packaging Partnership

A few years ago we began looking to partner with a packaging organization to enhance our customer experience and reach more companies with our unique solutions. It was important to us to find a network that matched our core values of integrity, teamwork, and excellence. When we discovered Packaging Distributors of America (PDA), we knew we found the right match.

PDA is a packaging consortium with over 60 locations across North America. All of the member companies are member-operated, family-centric businesses. Each has a unique story to tell that blends well with our mission.

Because of our partnership with PDA, we now have access to a network of hundreds of packaging professionals in the PDA community. We feel confident that we can reach out to anyone in the group if we need support – whether it is an urgent product need, equipment recommendation, or just general advice. PDA creates a sense of assurance that you will get an accurate answer from an expert, every time.

Benefits to National Partnership

Without a doubt, having access to a wealth of knowledge within the distribution base is priceless. Growth and partnership are part of our mission and it’s important to us that we foster that in every part of our business. Other benefits include:

  • Helping our customers save costs through pricing programs
  • Reliable maintenance programs and other resources within the network
  • Access to streamlined ordering systems
  • Exclusive seminars and other educational opportunities
  • Connections with hundreds of packaging professionals, covering every territory within the packaging space

A Solution Mindset

At Morrisette, we have a solutions-first approach. As a forward-thinking company, we stay ahead of the game to anticipate what challenges our customers may face next. This way we can bring the solution to the table before problems arise. With our decades in business, we have a whole database of solutions ready for an endless number of packaging challenges. One of the benefits of the PDA partnership is the opportunity to expand on our solutions and be better prepared for our customers.

More About PDA

Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) was founded in 2006 as the first packaging-only trade association. Before PDA, there was not a formal place for packaging companies to share best practices, collaborate, and help each other grow. Today, PDA has over 70 locations across North America and a dynamic preferred supplier base.

PDA stands by its original motto: Local Roots, National Reach. The PDA members provide a comprehensive source for industrial packaging supplies, equipment, and service. Similar to Morrisette, PDA is committed to maintaining their values: sustainability, people, safety, ethics, and community. 

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