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Muse Design Awards Artwork showing a woman in regal clothing with a hat and gown. She holds and admires an award statue.

Custom Packaging Design From Morrisette Packaging Secures Muse Honors

We submitted two creative, custom packaging design concepts to the Muse Design Awards.

The MUSE Design Awards is an international design competition dedicated to recognizing excellent and original design work from across the globe.

Morrisette Packaging’s Success: A Win at the 2024 Muse Design Awards

Morrisette Packaging is proud to announce that we won two Muse Design Awards for the two separate creative concept designs we submitted.

Effective packaging holds and protects your product, and it also tells a story. Custom packaging design gives consumers a peek at the quality, values, and unique product inside.

At Morrisette Packaging, we know your packaging is the first physical encounter customers have with your brand, so we commit to innovation and design excellence. We make sure the first impression is memorable and impactful.

Muse Design Awards

Muse Design Award Statues.

This recognition not only showcases our creative prowess but also shows that Morrisette Packaging sets the standard in design excellence in the packaging world. We stand out through our visionary artistry and steadfast commitment to a uniquely collaborative design experience with you at every step, from design to delivery.

True custom packaging must match your specific needs and tell your story to be genuinely custom.

This blog is for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to rejuvenate their brand with cleverly designed packaging. It shows how Morrisette Packaging taps into the power of custom packaging so you can elevate your brand.

Custom Packaging Design Projects

Morrisette Packaging submitted two conceptual packaging design for two brands: Calvin’s Craft and Hearn Pecan Farm.

Calvin’s Craft

A Muse Design Award 2024 Winner trophy designed to look like a woman holding her right hand to her cheek and her left hand to her neck is colorful, silver-based with red, gold and vermillion accents. It stands next to a Calvin's Craft retail packaging box that is sky blue and features the face of a Dachshund dog wearing a Chef's hat and the word's Calvin's Craft underneath him.

Calvin’s Craft is reinventing the dog treat game by creating treats with human-grade ingredients and upcycled brewer’s grain. Because of their desire to focus on sustainability, the company is eliminating waste by reducing plastic use and packaging its treats in recyclable beer cans!

BONUS: 15% of proceeds go to dog rescue groups.

A custom corrugated package design by Morrisette Packaging. The soft blue package holds up-cycled beer cans that deliver dog treats for Calvin's Craft dog treats.

Calvin’s wanted to incorporate their brand and their ethos into the package design, so we had to get creative in our approach.

Calvin’s was looking for solutions that focus on upcycling and sustainability.

During the pandemic, many brands responded to rising ecom sales by enhancing their unboxing experience. Our design is approachable, sustainably right-sized, and promotes an exciting user interaction and introduction to the brand. The interior pop-top opening and inside print create a clean look and fun surprise as the design gives a nod to the brewing industry, without feeling like a beer brand.

Amanda Guthrie — Senior Creative Designer at Morrisette Packaging

We created a unique but familiar opening experience for the package. Incorporating a dog-shaped cutout for branding and a beer can tab to access the dog treats is the perfect combination of graphic and structural design.

A finger tab is shown being used on a custom corrugated box design by Morrisette Packaging.

Logo and Product Become the Package

Hearn Pecan is a third-generation family-owned farm based in North Carolina. Hearn Recan creates handcrafted specialty pecans. The family also designs, builds, and sells custom charcuterie boards.

A Muse Design Award 2024 Winner trophy designed to look like a woman holding her right hand to her cheek and her left hand to her neck is colorful, silver-based with red, gold and vermillion accents. It stands next to a Hearn Pecan Farm retail packaging box that is blue and mirrors the company's logo which resembles a serving board.

At Morrisette Packaging, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in food packaging and the rigorous standards that must be adhered to within this domain. We are also the creative leaders in graphic and structural design, and we are confident in our ability to collaborate toward a solution.

We created an upscale retail package that represents their love for pecans and subtly highlights their charcuterie boards.

Design Comes to Life

Drawing upon the intricate designs of Chinoiserie patterns and the rustic appeal of charcuterie boards, our team skillfully developed an iconic package design. We shaped it to mirror the company’s logo. And we decided to blend the elegant look of Chinoiserie with unique shapes. The combination creates a package design that stands out and is immediately recognizable.

They wanted to stand out in the sea of boutique wedding market/specialty store gifts. The artwork draws inspiration from the Satomi hand block prints from traditional antique china sets, a style referenced during the discovery process with the customer. Which also plays into the generational messaging within the brand.

Robert McCabe — Morrisette Pacakging Graphic Designer

This project underscores our commitment to exceeding industry standards and infusing creativity and distinction into our packaging solutions. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and customization, ensuring we deliver value and efficiency in every project we undertake.

A blue and white standing carton, custom packaging design for Hearn Pecan Farm. This design implores the Chinoiserie style and was a custom designed package for Hearn made by Morrisette Packaging.

Lessons Learned in Custom Packaging Design

These two cases offer valuable lessons for those eager to incorporate Morrisette Packaging’s success strategies into their packaging.

1. Customization is Key

No two brands are the same, and their packaging shouldn’t be either. Our success in these custom packaging designs stemmed from our practice of tailoring packaging solutions that resonate with each brand’s narrative, creating unique and powerful custom touchpoints. Whether it’s a custom-designed box, branded packaging, or custom packaging tape, we can help you achieve the custom box look you want for your brand.

2. Design for The Experience

At Morrisette Packaging, we understand that packaging is an experience and not just a product. We reflect this approach in our winning custom packaging designs.

Brands should strive to create a memorable and engaging unboxing experience, and we excel in helping you achieve that goal.

To learn more about how we can help, CLICK HERE to contact us today for a free, no-obligation packaging consultation.

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