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A lot can happen between the time your customer clicks the order button and receives their goods. First, your product needs to be manufactured, then packaged, and finally, shipped. Most businesses stop thinking about the product once it’s out of their hands.

However, it’s time to consider all of the things that can happen while your product is reaching its final destination. We all know packages get thrown around by delivery people and delivery trucks more often than we’d like, but have you ever considered how temperature might affect your product upon final delivery? Today, we are going to take a look at cold chain packaging and how it can help protect your products.

What is Cold Chain Packaging?

Cold chain packaging is the type of packaging that allows your products to keep a consistent temperature during the shipping process. Regardless of what environment your package finds itself in, the temperature should always remain the same. 

How Does Cold Chain Packaging Help My Business?

There are several ways in which cold chain packaging can have a positive impact on your business. The very first being customer satisfaction. When your item arrives in perfect condition, your customer will be happy. Customers can be very demanding and often expect nothing short of perfection when placing an order. If their goods arrive in any other condition than that anticipated, the customer will complain. Or even worse, they may never purchase from you again.

When temperature sensitive products are not shipped properly, this can often result in losses. Spoiled products that don’t survive shipping are useless to the consumer and the refund or replacement comes right out of your pocket.

Time is another important factor that should be considered. If you have been getting by without cold chain packaging, this might change if your product encounters delays. If your mail carrier makes a mistake with your package and is unable to deliver it in the normal time expected, the quality of your product may suffer, which once again can lead to losses.

By having a reliable cold chain packaging solution, losses are mitigated and customer satisfaction remains consistent.

What Products Need Cold Chain Packaging?

The first answer that comes to mind is food and other perishables. If food is not stored and shipped at the proper temperature, it will certainly spoil. More food is being shipped right now than ever due to COVID-19. Do you have the right temperature controls in place for your food shipments?

Pharmaceuticals are another sector of products that rely on cold chain packaging. While some products only need to maintain a ballpark temperature, some medications can’t have their temperatures varied by more than a couple degrees. In cases like these, it’s important to work with a company you can trust. Morrisette partners with many specialty pharmacies to ensure their cold chain packout meets URAC accreditation standards.

The Seasonal Effect

Food and pharmaceuticals are no-brainers for temperature sensitivity. But mother nature can wreak havoc on products that you wouldn’t always assume need cold chain packaging. During the sweltering summer months, cosmetics can melt and suffer damage from unwanted heat. Now, make-up is not something you would initially think would need temperature control.

Another unlikely product is wine. In most stores, you will find the wine section at room temperature. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t experience temperature issues before it reached the shelves. If wine is subjected to high temperatures, it turns the wine flat and consumers will certainly take notice.

Do you have a product that can be negatively impacted by hot weather? Take a moment to think this through. You may sell a product that you never even realized was being spoiled by heat.

How Can Morrisette Help?

At Morrisette, we have everything you need for cold chain packaging. We use URAC accredited products which include (but are not limited to): EPS coolers, biodegradable natural fiber box liners, foil bubble liners and more. We work with companies to develop custom packouts that are tested to perform to your standards (and above).

The demand is growing for cold chain packaging not only from businesses but from consumers. Consumers are more savvy than ever and want to know how their goods (especially food) are being transported and have high expectations upon receipt.

At Morrisette, our job is to help keep your customers happy by supplying the cold chain packaging you need. One of our specialists will work with you to determine which type of temperature control is right for your products.

When it comes to your business, never compromise on a quality delivery. Our team at Morrisette is here to help you with your cold chain packaging every step of the way.

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