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When you’re running a business, every dollar counts. Unfortunately, sometimes business owners are spending so much time focusing on day to day operations that they don’t have time to pull back and see where they can improve and streamline their back-end processes.
Most businesses have expertise in the products they are selling, but not necessarily in the logistical world of packaging and shipping. It’s not easy to know everything about your own product, while also knowing everything about how the product gets packaged and shipped out the door. This is where our team of strategic packaging experts becomes the packaging design and fulfillment partner you never knew you needed. 
Have you ever thought about kitting your products or taken the time to look into the savings that come with a kitting process? How about the marketing and value-adds that come with hiring a kitting partner? Today we are going to take a look at what packaging kitting is and how it will save you both time and money when done the Morrisette way.
What is Kitting?

Kitting is the process where several parts of an item that can be shipped and sold separately are packaged together to create a single SKU. This allows for the fulfillment of items into ready-to -ship kits, reducing SKU count. It eliminates the need to pick and package individual items together as your orders come in. Ultimately, kitting allows for greater control of your packaging supply chain, while also limiting the logistics needed to execute delivery of products to your customers.
Let’s use the example of a drone. If you sell drones, you may also sell the motors, the flight controller, the frame, and propellers. Kitting would be the process of combining all of the above and shipping the components together as one SKU.
Many established companies are surprised to learn about outsourcing their packaging operations to kitting service companies and how effective it can be. Let’s take a look at the different ways kitting promotes cost-effective solutions, while also saving on time.
Save on Fulfillment Costs and Time

Taking your products from separate units to a kit can be a key turning point for your company’s fulfillment strategy. This is so much more than just throwing a few items together and shipping them. Kitting can directly impact your bottom line.

Kits are assembled under our roof, which helps save you space and operational expenses. What if kitting allows you to get a smaller warehouse? These are the kinds of savings that really make a difference to your bottom line.

Kitting saves you time by reducing shipping mistakes. When everything is laid out and already set up into a kit, there are fewer fulfillment errors. The less mistakes, the happier the customer and the more time saved.

Packaging kitting is your solution for saving on fulfillment costs and time. When all parts of an order are assembled together, your company instantly saves money on postage. Every dollar saved is another dollar in your business’ pocket.

The Morrisette Difference

When you partner with Morrisette, we take a deeper look at what your true packaging costs are and conduct an overall packaging analysis to review your operation. Once we compile our findings, we make sure kitting makes financial and operational sense for your business. We pride ourselves on being as cost-transparent as possible!

Most kitting services resemble contract packaging suppliers. They simply take your products and package them all together under one SKU. Morrisette is NOT a contract kitting / packaging supplier. We not only combine your products into one SKU package, but we take it a step further and design the entire package and packaging process. Packaging design is our true strength, and we will provide you with a package that not only stands out from your competition, but effectively solves your packaging problems, including damages, returns, dim weight costs, startup marketing, retail, and much more.

Is Kitting Right for You?

If you are often receiving orders for several identical items, you can most likely benefit from kitting. With kitting, you are saving time and money by creating a bulk SKU. Your customers seem to want to purchase the same parts together, so utilizing our approach to kitting would be highly beneficial for your bottom line.

At Morrisette, we handle all of your packaging kitting needs. A key aspect of Morrisette kitting is package design. We will make sure that not only are your items consolidated, but that they will look professional too.

Are you ready to see how kitting can help your business? Contact our team at Morissette today to see how we can save your company both time and money.

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