Packaging Design


Premium Design for Companies That Want to Stand Out

Our work goes beyond packaging. Each of our customers has a unique application with a specific goal in mind, and sometimes that means thinking outside the box – literally.

How it Works

Collaborate and Create

A conversational approach to design guides the entire process

Procure and Present

Develop, source, and make decisions as a team

Test and Deliver

Follow-up testing and ROI analysis are repeated on a consistent basis


Program consolidation via redesign

We take a holistic approach to analyzing your operation.

Packaging engineering with formed materials

In-house engineers utilize state-of-the-art materials to explore new designs.

Material neutral packaging design

Partnering with a distributor means access to any and all materials available.

Structural development for production

Physical design concepts allow you to experience the design first-hand.

Graphic manipulation and brand development

Our graphic design team has extensive design experience to take your brand to the next level.

Full color sample prototyping

Morrisette’s on-site technology produces vibrant samples that you can touch and feel.

Concept ideation with 3D renderings

Being able to visualize your design prior to production saves you time and money.

Corrugated packaging analysis for performance

Optimizing your corrugated packaging should be done on an annual – and case-by-case – basis.


  • CAD Programming: 3D renderings and proof of concept
  • CAD Table: Cut, create route – corrugated, paperboard, wood, metal, foam, hexacomb, plastics, etc.
  • Reduce the burden of labor
  • Hand Tools and Equipment: For prototyping and development

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