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Conceptualizing a packaging strategy for a company with a unique product is no simple task. This gets even more complicated when you add the additional challenge of producing incredibly intricate artwork on a brown corrugated box.

Meet Moog Music, the world’s leading producer of analog synthesizers. They bring to market beautiful and unique musical instruments that require some complex packaging.

Moog came to us with a great design concept and packaging strategy for their Sound Studio gift box after they were told that it would be impossible to produce. At Morrisette, we love a challenge, and we were willing and ready to make the impossible possible for Moog.

How the Project Started

Moog’s creative team developed a stunning design concept with unique and colorful artwork for their Sound Studio gift box – they just needed a sophisticated packaging partner to bring it to fruition. One thing that was important to Moog was that they wanted to have the artwork printed directly on the box itself, rather than a label. The supplier that Moog had originally approached could only label print in order to achieve the high-quality design. Moog knew that their concept had to be possible, and they weren’t going to be limited by this roadblock.

After being turned away by other packaging companies, the Moog team found Morrisette and contacted us about the project.

Needless to say, our graphic designers and structural engineers were more than excited about the project. We knew it would be a challenge, but we were confident that we could do it. We received the artwork for the Sound Studio gift box and jumped into strategizing how we were going to bring it to life.

The Long Road to The Right Product

Our Design Center worked endlessly on file setup and in-house sampling in order to make sure that the graphics would produce well in final production runs. Our skilled team received the artwork from Moog, but had to rework the art multiple times as revisions ensued. Converting vector files into dielines ensured control and proper formatting.

We were able to produce multiple samples and production trials to dial in Moog’s vision. This took multiple months full of ink tweaks, file rework, and design revisions. The intricacies around production simulation are frankly beyond the scope of this blog post and something that only technical packaging graphic designers would understand, but let’s just say this has remained one of our most graphically complex projects to date.

Thanks to our tremendously talented team, we were able to produce incredible quality graphics on brown corrugated boxes with exact print registration and perfect ink color. Indeed, after six long months of production trials, we had a winner.

The Final Package for the Sound Studio Gift Box

The exploration process took more time than most of our packaging design projects, but it was well worth it to deliver the final result:

packaging design for moog 5

The Moog team was thrilled with the packaging for their Sound Studio gift box. Emory Davis, a senior design at Moog, said:

The Moog Sound Studio gift box printing is excellent and is a huge part of why our customers were so excited to receive these instruments. Getting to see the detailed characters and the intricate patterns come to life from the box to the pieces within is a magical experience that couldn’t have happened without your help. Thank you for your dedication to making this such a successful product launch and for helping us deliver above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

And from Moog Brand Director, Logan Kelly:

To everyone at Morrisette who was involved in the Moog Sound Studio project, thank you. This instrument package was the result of years of listening and learning from our customers on what helps empower them musically and bring them joy. The packaging and unboxing aspect of Moog Sound Studio was so critical to the overall experience and allowing us to speak to new markets. We are very thankful to have found a partner in Morrisette who understands the importance of packaging to our company. You have allowed us to tell our brand’s story through material, quality, and care. We recognize it hasn’t been the easiest project but your dedication and willingness to help has been paramount in making this project a success. From everyone at the Moog Factory, thank you for helping us achieve this.

This project has opened the door to multiple other projects with Moog. We are thrilled to continue bringing Moog’s vision and message to the world, while doing what we do best – helping our customers become more profitable. When you’re ready to start your next packaging project, contact Morrisette to turn your impossible idea into a reality.

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