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Is your company ready for the massive influx of ecommerce orders undoubtedly coming this holiday season? Many companies are starting now, or have even already started within the last few months, to prepare their packaging lines in anticipation of a massive onslaught of orders this year.

This year is different from previous years. The pandemic has turned most industries upside down. Companies that don’t prepare properly will end up not being able to fulfill orders that come this holiday season. It’s critical that you have a plan in place and you are ready to handle what’s coming. 

In this blog we cover packaging concerns that you should be aware of this holiday season. We’ll also introduce ways in which your company can get a jump start on your packaging supply lines to ensure that you’re meeting the incoming high-demand.

Ecommerce Shift

The ecommerce market has always been a source of solid and steady revenue for the packaging industry, but this year is going to be different than any seen previously. With social distancing and capacity limits in effect in most major markets, many people are going to choose to stay home. This means that nearly all purchases will be made online. This giant shift from in-store orders to ecommerce orders will certainly require you to meet greater packaging demands from your customers. 

Furthermore, people are not traveling or seeing family like they typically would during the holidays, which means they will need to ship gifts. It’s good to be preparing now for this marked increase in ecommerce purchasing and all of the packaging and distribution pressures that will come with it.

Packaging Line Prep

There are notable shortages of packaging supplies and equipment the world over. Companies that are ignoring supply chain hiccups and not preparing for the influx of online orders are going to be greatly impacted come this holiday season. Take stock of your inventory now, and be sure you have the protection your products need – from strapping to void fill to tape – to get from your warehouse to the end user. Order what you don’t have with your material suppliers so that you’re able to offer the same customizable packaging your customers have come to expect and depend on.

Stock up on even the supplies and equipment you may not think you’ll need. The more prepared you are, the more you’re able to meet the individual needs of each of your customers. Taking the time and energy to make these types of packaging line preparations now will not only leave you fully able to handle the holiday season, but it will allow you to catch any logistical overloads that prevent the expected demand from being met.

Simple options when it comes to equipment are still available to help meet the coming explosion in market demand. Small equipment like label dispensers and applicators, tape dispensers and applicators, and other end-of-line equipment can easily be ordered and implemented now.

Digital printing is also popular during the holiday season. It is easily customizable and available for short runs due to its flexibility. For example, digitally printed water activated tape which is perfect for making holiday packages special. 


Reaching out now to your staple customers to get an idea of anticipated order this holiday season is another big way you can get ahead of the holiday season ecommerce boom. Market research can provide you with valuable insight to get you steps ahead of your competition and help you better prepare for future packaging and distribution requirements. Doing this before it’s too late and you’re overrun with ecommerce orders you can’t fill will save you time and money.

There are multiple measures you can take to be prepared for this holiday season, which without question, will be unlike one any industry has ever seen. We’ve gone through booms before with innovations in ecommerce, but being able to effectively anticipate or predict the many things that this holiday season will bring is like assembling a product with no instructions.

Morrisette is here to help you get ready for this potentially market-changing holiday season. Our team of packaging designers, kitting experts, and automation engineers are here and ready to service all your packaging needs. From inventory to custom design and kitting to personalized shipping logistics and strategies, Morrisette can handle every aspect of your packaging, especially before the holiday rush. Our reputation for innovation in automation, new production methods, and unique approach to design are what set us apart from other packaging solutions companies.

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