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As a packaging distributor, we work with a wide range of customers and applications, including aviation, distribution, agriculture, and even firearms. 

  • The second amendment gives all US citizens the right to bear arms. 
  • Many cities have crime problems; women & men alike have been placed in dangerous situations that demand self defense. 
  • The art and sport of firearms is a cultural tradition and enjoyed by many. 
  • Material and ammunition shortages around the world have created the perfect storm for an increase in  demand industry wide.

These are just a few of the reasons why the demand for firearms and personal defense products has never been higher. 

According to Gun University: 

To explain how “off-the-charts” 2020 was, the previous record year of 2019 saw 28 million federal background checks. 2020 came in with 39.6 million! This is even more exceptional when you consider that most gun stores have been out of inventory for months – imagine how much higher the number could have been with more inventory.

Naturally, if there is high demand for a product, there is going to be high demand for the packaging that goes along with it. This is how Morrisette has become ingrained in the firearm packaging world.

Here’s what we know about packaging for firearms…

Functionality Matters

We learned that when customers are buying accessories and add ons for personal defense items, being able to try out the item is important to consumers. They want to be able to touch and feel the product. 

There’s many reasons for this. One reason is that personal safety is one reason people are shopping for these products, and comfortability with the product is important for safety. Grip, weight, and size are all important factors. 

In practice, when we worked with NERD, a South Carolina based startup company that sells gun accessories, we needed to create a packaging solution that would allow the customer to see and feel the holster, and even try it on. Take a look: 

Scaling is a Factor

While the firearm niche may seem like a narrow category, there’s actually an endless number of possible SKUs. When you consider all of the accessories, add ons, additional types of personal defense items, and more, there’s a lot that these companies can offer.

When it comes to start-ups in particular, it’s important that we focus on creating a solution that will grow with the company. We help our customers think about what type of packaging solution they will need in the future in order to save costs now and later. 

There is no exception when it comes to the firearm industry. The growth potential is enormous, so we have to be ready to expand at any time. 

Safety Is Non-Negotiable

Innovations in packaging have made security more attainable, trackable, and affordable. Creating a package that is secure and tamper proof or tamper evident is a non-negotiable in the firearms world. 

Depending on the application, we offer customized packaging solutions to fit the security profile of the product. We can achieve the highest level of security that is needed when it comes to packaging for firearms. 

Branding and Packaging Products

Last but not least, branding in the firearms world is critical. People are fanatics and loyal when it comes to their hobbies, and firearms is no exception. Firearms customers are very passionate about the brands they buy from. 

Creating a brand identity that is connectable with the consumer and communicative about the product features is key. And then bringing that to life in the packaging process is even more essential!
This pertains to the outer packaging, display units in brick and mortar stores, shipping packaging for ecommerce, and more. When taking product-to-market in the firearm and personal defense industry it’s critical to get branding solidified for success. At the Morrisette design center we help our customers every day to bring their branding to life through their packaging.

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