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What To Look for In a Package Designer

The importance of packaging design is something that can never be overstated. With the design of your packaging being as important as it is, you need to ensure that you have a great team helping you design it. We hope this blog can act as a guide to help you distinguish what makes a good package designer. First, you should be looking for three key things in your ideal package designer.

Cost Efficiency

Just like with any aspect of your business you always want to find a partner that will give you the most service for the least amount of money. You want to try and find a package designer who isn’t just a package designer. You want to find a partner who can design the packaging and help with the process of creating said boxes. Try to find a packaging professional who offers a wide variety of options and can create custom packaging that benefits your business in more ways than one. Looking for the right price should always be step one for any business transaction.

Industry Experience

After you find a packaging designer that fits nicely in your price range, you should evaluate what kinds of experience they have in your industry. You may not want to partner with a packaging designer who has lots of experience with makeup packaging if you sell products within the technology industry. You should definitely try to find a company that has worked in your industry before. However, if you manage to find a packaging company that has worked in a number of different industries before then they may also prove to be a good option. This demonstrates that they know how to handle packaging in a variety of fields instead of just a few.

Portfolio Example

Every packaging designer will want to demonstrate their past work to show what their style is to potential customers. If you happen to find a packaging designer that doesn’t wish to show off their art, it could indicate that they are very new to the industry, or that their work is simply not very good. A good packaging designer will want their potential customers to know exactly what they do and how they do it. A portfolio will also allow you to see if you like the work the designer provides, giving you valuable insight into the kind of design they might make for you. Looking for a company’s portfolio will help you weed out anyone who either doesn’t live up to your standards for design, or those that don’t produce work that would complement your product.

Where To Find a Packaging Designer

Now that we’ve listed what you need to look for in a good packaging designer, you need to know where to start looking to even find a packaging designer. There are many good options to make use of when it comes to looking for a packaging designer.

Portfolio Sites

A great place to start would be any of the big portfolio websites that showcase a packaging designer’s work for all to see. Some of the bigger portfolio sites are Behance, 99designs, and Dribble. These sites offer a platform for packaging designers of all different backgrounds to show off their work to potential customers. As a customer, you can use these sites to try and find a creative mind that has produced work that vibes with you. These websites are loaded with people who are looking for partners to work with. This should be your first stop for finding packaging designers who should be working for a relatively cheap rate, and to find those that are very eager to get their work out there.

Choosing A Designer or Design Agency

If you want to find a designer that might have a little more experience, or you would prefer to have a team of designers helping you, then you may feel more inclined to hire a design agency. A design agency is sure to have loads of experience with designing packaging for all kinds of companies. A design agency will also give you access to a whole bunch of different designers at once, which will give you the option to pick and choose which artist you want working on your project without having to strike a new deal with anyone. Typically, these agencies will tend to be a bit more expensive than hiring a freelance artist on a portfolio site due to the additional services and benefits they can provide to your business. If you do opt to use a design agency, find one that has a history of working with companies like yours. This can be a great option for a company that is really looking to develop a unique package with a little bit more quality.

Crowdsourcing Sites

Crowdsourcing sites are different from portfolio sites for a few distinct reasons. Rather than having you look for a designer to work with, a crowdsourcing site flips the script. You will upload a bit of information about what you do, and what you want with your packaging and then a bunch of artists will compete to produce the best packaging. After a certain amount of time has passed you will be presented with a handful of designs to choose from. Though this option can prove to be cheaper than the others and will provide you with a variety of good packaging designs, it typically won’t lead to you finding a designer for life. These projects are meant to be short-lived and efficient, and many designers are not going to be eager to sign up with your company permanently, even if you choose their design. You also are not necessarily guaranteed to find a design you’ll like which could lead to you wasting your time and money.

Freelancing Networks

A freelancing network is another way to find reliable designers. The most popular site to find freelancers on is called Upwork. Upwork works as a combination of a portfolio site and a crowdsourcing site in a unique way. Basically, as a client on this website, you will upload information about the packaging you wish to see created, and then a number of designers will apply to complete the job for you. You then select one designer to complete the job for you and stick with them until the job is done. This option is a good way to find fast and relatively cheap work, and it gives you the chance to review a freelance designer before hiring them. Though like the crowdsourcing site you may not necessarily work with this artist again, and it may be a hassle to find a new artist if it doesn’t work out with the first one you chose.

Questions To Ask a Package Designer

Before signing on with a package designer you should have a list of questions prepared to see if they are a good choice for your company. We have covered these questions in a more in-depth way in a different blog, but we can still list some of the basics. Try to ask your designer what kinds of work they’ve done before, how long they’ve been in business, how many projects they have going on currently, what their going rate is for a project, how long it will take to complete a project, and what their range of materials is.

Why Partner with Morrisette for Package Design

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