Can Liners

Is your current product letting you down? Do you constantly find yourself double-bagging? Let us lend a hand! We understand the importance of having can liners that stand up to everything you throw at them. Look no further than MLine’s high-quality, high-strength can liners to get the job done and keep your facility in tip-top shape. Whether you are looking for high density or low density, our liners get your trash from the bin to the landfill in a “clean” fashion. We carry a fully-stocked line of environmentally friendly, premier can liners designed and selected to fit your facility’s unique needs.

Did you know that because high density liners are typically thinner than comparable gauge low density liners, high density liners can help to reduce plastic costs and landfill waste and are perfect for light-duty jobs?

trash bag liners
high density bag


  • Excellent odor and moisture control
  • High dart impact and tensile strength
  • For extremely bulky applications
  • Available in natural and black with gauges ranging from 6-22 microns
low density bag


  • High quality raw material
  • Superior puncture resistance, which helps to reduce overall costs by eliminating double bagging and / or cleanup after liner failure
  • Available in black, white, and clear in a variety of
    gauges and sizes
  • For heaviest industrial needs

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