Executive Team

Meet our Executive Team

Bill Morrisette Jr

Bill Morrisette, Jr.

Bill Morrisette, Jr. serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President at Morrisette. Bill grew up in the packaging industry. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he worked as a Morrisette Account Manager for nearly 15 years before transitioning into his current role of President in 1992. As president of a family-owned business with over 250 employees, Bill strongly believes that the success of Morrisette depends on the success of their people. He leads by example, and believes in hiring good people and getting out of their way.

Jim D

Jim Dawson

Jim Dawson serves as the Executive Vice President of Sales at Morrisette. Bringing value to Morrisette’s customers is Jim’s number one priority, and he puts his thirty plus years of experience in the packaging industry to work each and every day. Jim has a great ability to make customers comfortable, and is committed to understanding their needs and objectives. Jim is a graduate of James Madison University and – most importantly – a great asset to Morrisette.

Tom Cromartie Headshot-7166-Edit

Tom Cromartie

 Tom Cromartie serves as the Executive Vice President of Finance at Morrisette. Tom, a graduate of UNC-Wilmington with a Masters in Accounting, has an extensive background in the finance industry, specifically in the local area, and brings a fresh perspective to the daily Accounting, HR, and Financial Operations at Morrisette. With his strong financial expertise, Tom is a highly valued member of our team. 

David L

David Leonard

David Leonard serves as the Vice President of Operations at Morrisette. David leads our team in the day to day operations across all of our locations in Virginia and the Carolinas. He does his part to demonstrate our strong commitment to service on a daily basis, looking at things from all perspectives to help our clients and his coworkers succeed. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, David is responsible for overall organizational effectiveness and works alongside the President and Vice President of Sales to help reach Morrisette’s financial goals.

randy morrisette

Randy Butler

Randy Butler serves as the Vice President of Packaging at Morrisette. Randy, a graduate of Furman University, runs our Packaging Sales division. He assists with everything from purchasing to sales to marketing, and has a strong drive to succeed. Randy has over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, and continues to learn more about the ways our industry is changing and growing every day. Randy is a great asset to our Executive Team, working hard to grow sales day in and day out. 

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