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A Lantech LeanWrap machine is shown following installation and service by Morrisette Packaging.

Packaging Automation with Morrisette Packaging

Welcome to Morrisette Packaging’s latest venture into the realm of cutting-edge packaging solutions. We’re excited to showcase the successful installation of a Lantech Pallet Wrap automation system at BD, marking a transformative step towards unparalleled efficiency and product care in their shipping processes.

Advancing Health with Precision

BD, one of the largest global medical technology companies, is dedicated to “Advancing the world of health™.” Its mission is to improve medical discovery, diagnostics, and care delivery. BD sets the standard in the medical technology industry by enhancing outcomes, lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, improving safety, and expanding access to healthcare.

A safe and efficient packaging and palletizing process is essential for BD to meet its high standards.

This is where our expertise in packaging automation and automated packaging equipment comes into play.

Revolutionizing Packaging with Automation

As the leader in custom packaging solutions, Morrisette Packaging is thrilled to share with you how BD’s investment in Lantech’s Lean Wrap system offers unmatched protection of goods during transit.

This automated packaging machine minimizes product damage and loss, ensuring that every package arrives as intended.

The Lantech Lean Wrap system is designed to improve stability and load integrity, as well as increase operational efficiency. Watch our detailed video to see how this technology transforms BD’s packaging processes, delivering tangible results where value and efficiency are not just promised—they’re delivered.

Collaboration and Innovation

Our professional and customer-focused approach highlights the importance of collaboration with our clients. At Morrisette Packaging, we believe that working closely with our clients leads to innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Take the first step towards a more secure and efficient packaging process by watching our detailed installation journey. Experience the Morrisette Packaging difference, where innovation, sustainability, and tailored solutions come together for the success of your business.

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