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"Design is an evolving and collaborative, human-centered approach to problem-solving, using simple ideas to solve complex challenges." - Tim Brown, President of IDEO

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Let's Collaborate!

  • Is your current packaging solution too costly to assemble, pack and ship?
  • Are you experiencing damage and product returns with your current e-commerce solution?
  • Are you struggling to launch a new product at retail, on time and on budget?

We can help you with all of these challenges, and much, much more!

Design Center Details

prototyping equipment

Some of our world-class prototyping equipment

12 bottles in a custom box

Unique packs designed to optimize the customer's ROI

graphics details

Graphics details

Material Neutral

  • We’re not focused on providing a specific material or a precise manufacturing technology. We simply want to help solve your packaging problems in the most efficient way!

  • Corrugated, Paperboard, Plastic, Wood, Metal & Wire, Film & Flexible…. any of these options can be explored to find the right solution to your needs.

  • Let’s discover what will work best for you and what makes the biggest impact on your Total Program Cost!

Let's Get Started

Contact us today and we will schedule an audit to get the process started. Your packaging design is moments away from brilliance!

Value Analysis

Okay, so we've found the right material, but are you using too much of it? Let's dive into the analysis ...

  • Is modular sizing an option?
  • Are we able reduce the number of SKUs in your current packaging program?
  • Can we develop a reusable platform to enhance sustainability or cross-contamination concerns?
  • Is your pack suitable for scalable production?

What if a simple change to your current packaging could make a BIG impact on labor, storage, lead-times and total program cost? Our solution experts can help!

Full-Color Prototyping

Our creative team will partner with you to develop visual solutions into a cost-effective, manufacturable product.

  • What could your new packaging or point-of-purchase display look like?
  • Do you have a new story to tell with your brand?
  • Not sure how you want new packaging to look?

Everyday we create full-scale prototypes, artwork & extended branding for Fortune 500 companies and local corporations. Let's chat!

Formed Material Engineering

Do you have a unique product application where volume throughput via automation or packaging security is a paramount concern? Morrisette can develop a host of engineered material solutions based on your needs. Every day we work with Molded Pulp, VAC-Form or Injection Molded Plastics, PaperFoam (ask us about that!), and much more.

materials design

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