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The Right Adhesive for your Application

From the adhesive properties to the temperature requirements, there is more to tape than meets the eye. Choosing the right tape for the application is a critical step in the packaging process. Morrisette offers a wide range of Made-in-America packaging tapes with a fast-acting bond and optimal closure characteristics, locking your product securely inside the box.

Product Snapshot

At a Glance

Morrisette offers a wide variety of tape solutions for case sealing, masking, splicing and more. Tape plays a critical role in your process. Find a tape that you can count on to perform the first time.

We ask the important questions: 

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    What is the application?

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    What temperature range is the tape applied?

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    What is the storage temperature?

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    How long will the tape remain once applied?

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    How is your product being shipped?

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    What can be improved about your current product?

Types & Materials

Carton Sealing

Hot Melt
Natural Rubber
Water Activated


Double Coated
Filament / Strapping
Transfer Tape

Case Equipment

Semi Automatic Case Sealer
Automatic Case Sealer
Case Erector
Water Activated Tape Dispenser


Hot Melt
Water Based
Cold Glue
Spray Glue
Pressure Sensitive


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    Carton Sealling

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    E-commerce Shipping

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    Tamper Evidence

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    Core Starting

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    ISTA, UPS FedEx Approved Shipping

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    Cold Storage Case Sealing

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    Paint Masking

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    Anti-static properties

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    Food Production

Emphasize the Audit

As your partner in packaging, we will audit your taping process in order to select the right tape for your needs and budget. In addition to tapes, we also offer a performance-driven premier selection of sealers and erectors, enabling you to cut costs and automate your packing and shipping process whenever possible.


Morrisette wants you to become more profitable at every step of your packaging process, from the initial introduction of your product to the final palletiziation of cases. With our unique auditing process, we will uncover ways to reduce costs and implement innovative solutions. We look for things that our competition simply does not, such as downtime, rework, and labor. Let us change the way you pack and ship your products!

Types of Equipment

tape equipment belt 3
Cardboard in production line
tape equipment 1

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