Keeping Your Warehouse & Office Clean

Our janitorial program is designed by industry-trained experts. We create programs to fit your everyday cleaning needs. You will quickly find that our solution-oriented and customer-focused approach to janitorial products set us apart from the competition. We are obsessed with quality products and service. Click below for information on specific products we carry.

Morrisette Product Line

Paper, can liners, and soap - these are the core janitorial products for many industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our goal at Morrisette is to ensure that your restroom facility is innovatively and functionally designed. We also have disinfectant chemicals and equipment to help keep your restrooms, warehouse and offices spaces healthy and clean.

white toilet paper icon
white toilet paper icon

Paper Products

Let us come design your restroom with innovative and functional dispensers and top quality products. Our in house design experts will provide a cost effective way to modernize your restroom facility with a focus on it being safe, healthy, and clean.


  • Dispensers are ADA compliant
  • Sleek modern style dispensers
  • 100% recycled paper available
  • Design experts available to consult
  • Several paper styles and sizes available 
  • Hardwound, multifold, centerpull, household tissues, junior jumbo, and compact tissue


  • Suitable for use in all industries
  • Help eliminate cross contamination with individual use
  • Classic and Premium MLine wipers are highly absorbent cloth-like towels, providing quality and performance
white hand washing icon
white hand washing icon

Hand Care

Proper hand care is critical to the overall health of your employees. The MLine skincare program provides you with a solution that will help eliminate occupational skin disorders.

Soaps and Sanitizers 

  • Foam Soap – Gentle foam or Antibac foam
  • Hand Sanitizers – Alcohol and non-alcohol foaming and gel sanitizers 
  • Industrial Soap – Paste like with scrubbers for your dirties hands
  • Durable Dispensers – manual and battery 
white trash can icon
white trash can icon

Can Liners

Are you double bagging because your bags are breaking and leaking? Let us help!
MLine’s high-quality, high-strength can liners will get the job done and keep your facility in tip-top shape. We carry a fully-stocked line of premium can liners designed and selected to fit your facility’s unique needs.

Low Density – For most industrial and manufacturing needs 

  • Excellent puncture resistant – stretchy material 
  • Use for glass, wood, sharp objects and moist trash
  • White, black or clear in color
  • Gauges ranging from .4 – 3mils 

High Density – for most restroom and office needs

  • Not good for sharp objects 
  • For extremely bulky light trash 
  • Natural clear and black 
  • Gauges ranging from 6-22 microns

white carpet cleaner icon
white carpet cleaner icon

Floor Care

We care about your floors! Morrisette understands that keeping your floors clean is no simple task. Our onsite facility floor care specialist will customize and design a program to include equipment, chemicals, and on-site training. First impressions do make a difference.

Soft surface program

  • Maintain & Vacuum
  • Low Moisture Interim Cleaning
  • Deep Extraction Cleaning

Hard surface program 

  • Maintain with daily cleaning
  • Top Scrub or Stripping
  • Floor Finish
  • High Speed Burnishing
white spray bottle icon
white spray bottle icon

Chemicals & Cleaners

Our janitorial program provides an umbrella of products to clean, disinfect, and sanitize all surfaces. Cleanliness can save you money and inspire confidence in both you and your employees. Our onsite chemical specialist will help design a program to keep your facility safe, healthy and clean.

light green hand washing icon


Keep everything from mirrors to drains to furniture looking spick and span with our high quality general cleaning solutions.

light green hand sanitation icon


Neutralize odors, freshen, and deodorize with our all-purpose odor eliminators, available in multiple scents, sizes, and applications.

light green toilet icon


Our restroom cleaners will bring back that sparkle and shine you’ve been missing, while maintaining a healthy, clean environment.

light green clean dishes icon


Our grease cutting, oil removing dish detergents are easy to use, help keep your facility clean, and get the job done.

light green washing machine icon


Available in powder and liquid, our fast-acting laundry detergent lifts stains and leaves your clothes smelling cleaner than ever.

light green janitorial icon


Available in many sizes and PH levels, our industrial degreasers economically and efficiently remove the most stubborn stains.

light green car icon


We have washes for your cars as well as your tractor trailers that will leave your fleet shining like new.

light green spray bottle icon


Maintain the overall health, sterility, and cleanliness of your facility with our top-of-the-line disinfectant solutions.

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Our dilution control solutions are safe, versatile, economic, convenient, and simple, helping you keep your facility clean and reduce costs.

Facility Solution Design & Training Center

Our design center in Charlotte, NC showcases our MLine collection of products and provides a space for hands-on training and learning programs. Our onsite experts provide training in a real world environment, arming your staff with not only the high quality products they need, but the knowledge to succeed. Partner with us to gain innovative solutions and updated training ideas for a clean and healthy facility.

Contact us today to discuss how Morrisette can move your company forward.