Kitting & Fulfillment

Gain Control of Your Packaging Supply Chain

Morrisette’s custom Kitting and Fulfillment services gives you the ability to control your packaging supply chain. We help customers find transparency and true cost in the packaging process.

How it Works

Kit Creation

It all starts with a conversation around packaging design and supply chain management

Packaging & Fulfillment

We develop a process that is trainable and repeatable to assemble, collate, kit, and fulfill in-house

Just-In-Time Delivery

The fulfillment piece to the puzzle – we save you space by delivering right when you need it

Service Areas

Packaging Analysis

We unbolt your packaging, break it out, and explain to you what your true packaging cost is

Packaging Redesign

Refresh and launch your brand with a little help from our expert design team


Organization and assembly of parts into a ready-to-ship kit; receive multiple SKUs in 1 package


A turn key solution committed to quality and consistency that eases your labor burden

Product Testing

Harness the power of industry metrics and testing equipment to ensure packaging optimization

POP Display assembly

Designed and assembled in-house ready to use


  • Reduce the burden of labor
  • Reliable packaging design and packaging cost transparency
  • Supply Chain Management – Manage volume surges, vendors, and shipping costs
  • Cash Flow Management – Manage inventory, reduce warehouse space, and consolidate SKUs

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