John was recently hired at a Fortune 500 clothing manufacturer to oversee the regional distribution facility. When meeting with his management team, John noticed that the team had many questions in regards to operations productivity, specifically the desire to reduce material and labor costs. John, however, sensed that this was only part of a larger issue. After some research, he reached out to a sales representative from Morrisette for their expertise.

audit and analyze


Morrisette has developed an exclusive program that is designed to provide select customers with key information to help identify the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their company. This process is the Morrisette Packing Review (MPR), which gives companies the opportunity to control costs across their entire supply chain. The first step in the MPR process is to assemble the right team of experts that will effectively audit and diagnose for the client. This dedicated and experienced MPR team’s goal is to reduce TCO through principles of Lean Thinking. The team will review the supply chain, material movement, packaging efficiency, and utilize the principles of lean waste reduction.



Once the formal audit has taken place by a team of subject matter experts, the design phase of the process begins. In this phase, the MPR team creates custom solutions for any gaps, inefficiencies, and other pain points discovered during the audit process. The MPR teams work closely with John and his team throughout the design phase to ensure that designs will be seamlessly integrated into the operation. After the design has been created, the MPR team presents the proposed design information to John and his management team for approval before implementation.



On approval of the design solutions, the MPR team engages Morrisette’s extensive network of providers, in-house experts, and best-in-class technicians to ensure that the form and function of the solution is implemented accurately and in a timely manner.



After the design is implemented for the client, the MPR team remains on the job but instead turns their focus to reviewing the ongoing results of the project. Morrisette provides the client with a comprehensive yearly cost review of the project with a focus on TCO. The MPR team will also suggest savings recommendations along the way so that the implemented design remains as efficient as possible, making John and his team more successful.

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